League of Legends Camp For High School Students

The Immortals and Nerd Street Gamers hosted a free League of Legends camp that gave participants a chance to improve their gameplay. During the camp, the Immortals staff hosted AMA sessions every day and provided feedback to players about their performance. Campers were also able to ask questions to the Immortals staff, who helped them learn more about the game.

UCI Esports

UCI Esports has been running League of Legends camps for high school students for two years. The camps focus on the development of players’ gameplay skills, and provide a comprehensive look at the esports ecosystem. These camps also feature daily seminars by professional and industry experts. The cost of each camp is $150.

The camp’s culture is something that sets it apart from other esports camps. UCI is one of the first public universities in the country to create a dedicated esports program, and has been a leader in the collegiate scene since 2015. The camp fosters diversity in esports, and is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants.

In addition to the esports program, the university also hosts the League of Legends and Overwatch community tournaments. The tournament is part of the UC Esports Initiative, which aims to elevate esports throughout the UC system and improve student engagement. The tournament’s title sponsor is Xfinity, and the school’s official PC and peripheral partners are MSI and CORSAIR.

Edmond Chang

For League of Legends fans who are looking for a way to meet other players who are also playing the game, a League of Legends camp with Edmond Chang might be the perfect way to start. Chang, an assistant professor of English at Ohio University, took students outdoors to practice their role-playing skills and to create weapons out of pool noodles. He also taught students the importance of heroism and challenged them to fill out a character questionnaire to find out what kind of hero they wanted to be. The camp also covered topics such as sportsmanship, accepting losses, and more.

Camp Kiki

A recent summer outreach program held at the University of Kentucky introduced the world of gaming to young people in an unconventional way. The camp, called Camp Kiki, interlaced gaming activities with physical explorations. It introduced participants to LARPing, the UK archives, and even gaming careers. Here are some of the highlights from the camp.

The camp was led by anthropology PhD student Akil Finbar Fletcher, who studies the virtual worlds and Esports. His goal was to introduce students to more complex games. The program was also supported by graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.