League of Legends Class Guide – Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact is a damage spell in League of Legends that grants Lethality for 4 to 7 seconds. It also grants 6 Magic Penetration for 5 seconds. The increased Magic Penetration helps trigger damage. It also procs every 4 seconds when you dash, blink, or exit stealth. Sudden Impact is not as effective as Cheap Shot, as it cannot proc on every occasion.

Cheap Shot

The Cheap Shot is a skill in League of Legends that can be used by mid-laners to deal damage. Although it is less effective than the legendary skill Sudden Impact, this skill is still powerful enough to deal considerable damage if used appropriately. It can also be used by characters like Rengar, who can take advantage of it with her unique mobility.

The Cheap Shot is very useful when paired with Sudden Impact. The latter is more effective for long-range poke and target access. Both of these abilities can be paired up to create powerful combos. A combination of Cheap Shot and Sudden Impact can be used to maximize the damage dealt.

The Cheap Shot has a cooldown of four seconds. It deals extra damage to movement-impaired targets. As a result, it’s a good choice for ADCs and champions with CC. Cheap Shot can be activated by wearing a piece of gear, such as the Iceborn Gauntlet, or a Hextech-GLP 600.


Electrocute is a skill that enables you to kill a target quickly. It deals 50% Attack Damage and 30% Ability Power. It is an adaptive skill and will only activate after you make three separate attacks in less than three seconds. While it’s not very efficient in a team fight, it is still useful in the early game.

Assassins have traditionally favored Electrocute as their go-to rune. This damage spec stayed consistent even when runes were reforged, so you can use it over again. However, if you don’t want to rely on electrocute to deal the majority of your damage, you might want to consider first strike. It has a lower cooldown (25-15s compared to 25-20s for electrocute) and a higher value. First strike is also good to use if your champion has a lot of AoE damage.

Ultimate Hunter

The Ultimate Hunter is an archetype that can be used as a support in League of Legends. This class is characterized by its unique power and niche abilities. Players can use the Ultimate Hunter in any game mode, but it’s not necessarily the best option for every game. While the Ultimate Hunter isn’t the strongest class, its unique power makes it the right choice for a niche role.


Syndra is a fearsome Ionian mage with immense power. As a young child, Syndra’s power disturbed the elders of her village, who sent her away to learn how to control her abilities. However, she soon discovered that her mentor had been trying to restrain her abilities, and she turned her feelings of betrayal into dark spheres of energy. Since then, Syndra has sworn to destroy anyone who tries to control her.