League of Legends Darius Rework

If you’re a Darius player, there are a few changes that you can make to his game. These changes are centered around his ult. You can use the ult to deal 150% of his maximum damage to any enemy. His ult should also recast if the target is dead within five seconds. This change will help encourage teamwork and reduce the chance of people stealing a kill.

Summoner spells

The Summoner spells in League of Legend’s Darius rework are more effective than before, and they offer some really good benefits for the character. Firstly, they apply a magic damage dot to your enemies, requiring them to spend money on armor and magic resist. Secondly, these abilities help you kill your enemies with the passive ability they grant you. By hitting your opponents with these abilities, you’ll apply bleeding stacks to them, and if you have five bleeding stacks, you’ll be able to activate Noxian Guillotine.

If you’re looking for a new Summoner spell, you can choose from the following ones. Darius’s Noxian Guillotine will deal 160/250/340 base true damage and refreshes every time you kill an enemy champion. This spell will also refresh when you kill another champion, and if you’re using this on a champion you can get up to pentakills in no time.


The League of Legends darius rework is here and the changes are terrifying. One of the biggest changes is the new Bloodrage passive. This buff allows Darius to increase his damage, as well as place all of his passive stacks on the target. This buff is a powerful way to dominate the lane and 1v2 junglers.

The buff also makes the champion faster in clearing camps and snowballing. However, it will not change the speed at which Darius can kite. It will also make it more difficult for Darius to be ganked.

His ultimate

Darius’ ult needs to be reworked to discourage kill stealing and encourage teamwork. Currently, it only deals 150% of its damage to one target. Changing this to 150% of its maximum damage would allow Darius to hit multiple enemies at one time, and it would also recast if the target dies within five seconds. This would encourage teamwork and encourage a more balanced game.

During a teamfight, Darius is incredibly versatile. His last strike ability and apprehend skills enable him to catch up and hook an enemy carries. Then, he can use his ult to dunk them with the Noxian Guillotine. This makes him the perfect pick when the situation calls for it.

His skins

The new League of Legends Darius rework skins are aimed at giving the Monarch of Storm more personality. These skins have new models, trails on the cape and spaulders, and more. They also include new particles and animations for his abilities. The new abilities include auto-attack, critical hit, and high-speed run. Darius also has new emotes and recall animations.

One of the skins for Darius is the God-King skin, which has the look of a god-king. It also adds new animations and features a wolf companion. This skin is one of the most impressive and popular skins for Darius in League of Legends.

His lore

Darius was a Noxian orphan who rose through the military ranks to become Swain’s top general. He eventually tried to betray Swain when he was controlled by the pale sorceress Leblanc, who uses powers of deception and illusion. However, Darius was a mistake, and he ended up losing the war. Instead, he ended up being sent to Runeterra as the Hand of Noxus.

After the game’s first expansion, Darius ascended to the ranks of Noxus’s elite forces, becoming a part of the ruling class and eventually achieving his highest rank. Despite being a member of the ruling class in Noxus, Darius still preferred the battlefield. And while some consider him evil, the truth is that every nation in Runeterra has its good and bad aspects.