league of legends debit card

The “League of Legends” debit card from American Express is coming soon. The card will go on sale on Wednesday, 14th August. You can get 1,000 Riot Points when you sign up! But, there are some things you should know before you apply. Activation fees and credit checks are common, so do your research first.

Serve/RP+ card

If you play League of Legends on your computer, you may want to consider signing up for the new Serve/RP+ debit card from American Express. The card comes with a rewards program tied to Riot Points, the in-game currency that can be used to buy champions and skins. These points are not subject to expiration, which means you can use them as much as you want to make purchases.

In order to get the Serve/RP+ debit card, you must live in the United States and be at least 18 years old. However, you can set up sub-accounts for those who are younger or older. If you already have a Bluebird account, you cannot get the Serve card, so you will have to use your Bluebird card instead.

When you first sign up for the Serve/RP+ debit card, you will receive bonuses when you sign up. For example, when you sign up for a free account, you will receive a bonus of 1,000 RP. Similarly, when you sign up for the Direct Deposit program from your employer, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 RP.

1,000 Riot Points for signing up

In a new partnership with Riot Games, American Express is launching a new debit card that will allow gamers to earn Riot Points with every purchase made. Riot Points are an in-game currency that you can use for purchases like alternate champion outfits and progression boosters. They can also be used to permanently unlock specific Champions.

The debit card is available from American Express and features a logo featuring the League of Legends characters. By making purchases with the card, you will earn Riot Points, which are worth 7 cents each. The points can also be transferred to your bank account through a direct deposit. The debit card is free to use and does not require a minimum balance requirement.

Riot Points can be used to purchase various in-game items, including skins, Champions, and Chromas (exclusive variants of regular skins). You can also use them to purchase icons, emotes, and Event passes. However, you must remember that Riot Points are not a substitute for real money.

Activation fees

You can get your League of Legends debit card without paying any activation fees. American Express has partnered with Riot Games to create this new card. Players can use it to purchase Riot Points, an in-game currency, to advance in the game. This card will be available starting Wednesday.

Activation fees are usually charged for prepaid cards. Depending on the card, these fees can range from $1 to $9.95. Most prepaid cards also charge a monthly fee, similar to the annual fees you would pay with a credit card. These fees can vary from one month to the next and depend on the minimum number of transactions. A typical monthly fee is $1 to $15. If you do not use your card often enough, this fee will accumulate over time.

Credit checks

The first step in avoiding unauthorized purchases using the League of Legends debit card is to immediately dispute any purchases you suspect are unauthorized with your financial institution. Most financial institutions have toll-free customer support lines and 24-hour assistance available to help you. Once the financial institution has verified the fraudulent transaction, you should follow up with a letter to request a new secure card. Fortunately, most financial institutions automatically issue new secure cards for their customers when fraud occurs.

Credit card fraudsters have targeted League of Legends World Championships event attendees. The organization released a statement stating that it is working to ensure all attendees are protected from any fraudulent charges. It also urges people to report unauthorized charges to their credit card companies to ensure that their personal information remains safe.