League of Legends Dog Names

If you’re looking for a League of Legends dog, then you’re in luck! Not only do there are over 100 playable Champions, but there are also a ton of different pet names you can give them. These unique characters have contributed to the game’s popularity. In fact, many players have nicknamed their Champions, and this means that there’s no shortage of pet names to choose from.

Sated Devourer

A Sated Devourer in League of Legends is an improved version of the Devourer. The Devourer’s Ghost Dog grows with every stack of Devourer and merges with the wielder at 30 stacks. Its base on-hit magic damage has been reduced to 25 from 40.

The Sated Devourer has some interesting changes in the game. This item gives the jungler an increased attack speed and double strikes. The Sated Devourer’s stacks grow as players take down large enemies, which makes it a viable option in the jungle. Stacks can also be used to increase the size of the ghost dog. At 30 stacks, it will combine with its wielder and give the wielder a +1 attack speed and double strike.


In League of Legends, the dog Pix is the pet of the faerie Lulu. He is Lulu’s faithful companion and will follow her throughout the game. Pix is considered an untargetable unit in the game, which means it cannot be damaged or stunned by other players. Pix is also controlled by Lulu to a certain degree, allowing her to dictate what he should do.

Pix morphs into Sated Devourer

The new version of Pix has several changes to his abilities. Attack speed has been reduced to 40% from 50%. On-hit magic damage per Devourer stack increased to 1 from 0.67, and base on-hit magic damage increased to 30 from 25. In addition, takedowns on Large, Epic, Champion, and Rift Scuttler monsters grant 1 stack instead of 2 each.

In addition, the Asyoujungle is now slowly growing and feeding animals. The rules of the jungle have been altered. Riot Phroxzon explained that junglers can no longer simply kill jungle creatures.

Ivern’s pet

The pet of Ivern in League of Legends is Daisy, a green golem. Daisy deals base physical damage and scales with 30% of Ivern’s AP. She also possesses a special ability called Daisy Smash that launches a shockwave that knocks down nearby enemies. This pet is only available to Ivern and requires about 100 mana to use. Its duration is 60 seconds, and it can follow Ivern around the battlefield.

Ivern’s pet is not immune to non-epic monsters, but it can target them in jungle camps. To free them, Ivern must initiate a channel, which costs his mana and health. After a certain amount of time, the grove matures. Ivern can then interact with it, which will free the monsters inside it. However, he must keep in mind that his pet cannot attack monsters that are not epic.

Bard’s pet

Bards have a unique relationship with their pets. Normally untargetable, they form a symbiotic bond with the Bard. These creatures can even create portals to other places and dimensions. Bards see the universe as a song, and threats to cosmic harmony are like dissonant notes.

Bards’ pets are similar to the pets of Lulu and Pix. They are spirit-like creatures that spawn periodically in the Summoner’s Rift. Their number is determined by their passives, and they move with their master. Bards can have up to nine Meeps at a time. They are also untargetable, and can move in formation with the Bard.

Kog’Maw’s pet

Kog’Maw is a bipedal monster with short legs and a small upper body. It has four eyes and is slightly spiked. It has a sand-colored upper body and three toes on each foot. It has no special abilities or stats, but it is known to be hungry and has baseline instincts. It’s best used in late-game situations where its abilities are necessary.

The basic attack of Kog’Maw deals 3.5/4.25/5.75/6.65% of its target’s maximum health, and it gains an additional ten percent attack speed. This attack also increases its range and deals damage to all enemies it passes through. The damage that Kog’Maw deals increases with the number of targets it hits. The pet’s damage also increases with additional range and its basic attack speed. It also gains a corrosive projectile that deals magic damage to its targets and destroys their armor and magic resist.