league of legends draven counter

League of Legends Draven Counter is a unique statistic that allows you to track your Draven’s performance in Plat+ games. This statistic takes several factors into account. These factors include the Counter rating of your enemy champion, overall kills, and early lead / comeback ratio. It also takes into account your match outcome against Draven.

Counter rating against Draven in Plat+ games

While Draven is a great champion to play in teamfights, you need to keep him from snowballing. One way to do this is by shutting him down with CC. Alternatively, you can kill him early before he can reach a high Adoration stack. In either case, you’ll prevent a gold influx.

One champion you can counter against Draven is Pyke. This is an aggressive support who excels at dealing damage and breaking down squishies. Pyke also has good movement speed, which can help you keep him in check. And if you can’t kill him with your champion, you can always get help from other players.

Draven is not an easy character to play. It is important to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Moreover, you need to know that you’re going to win. Despite the risks associated with playing a Draven, you’ll have fun playing him. Whether you’re playing against Draven in a teamfight or solo, he’s guaranteed to be an entertaining opponent.


Draven is one of the most popular counters in League of Legends. Among all champions, Draven ranks 30th in expert hands. However, the amount of champions that can be summoned by one player is limited to 50 per region. In addition, the maximum number of summoners for Draven is 50. To get a Draven summoner, you must have at least Diamond IV and 50 games under your belt.

Although Draven can be very damaging in laning phase, the champion can be difficult to play in team fights, especially when they are stuck on Axes Q. This makes it crucial to control Axes Q and CC if you want to succeed against Draven. Also, keep an eye on Draven’s Adoration stacks to keep him from spamming gold.

Several factors can affect Draven counters, including lane and match results. This means that you should take specific matchups into account when you are choosing your champion. This way, you can choose a champion that can counter your opponent’s weaknesses.

Tips to prevent Draven from catching axes

When playing Draven, it’s essential to follow a few basic tips. First, always play for 2v3 and avoid going gank-prone. Secondly, always take a low risk and never take too many risks. Even the slightest risk can reduce your chances of carrying the game. This is especially true if you’re playing the champion against a ganker.

While playing Draven, always keep in mind that his damage output can snowball out of control when you let him catch axes. When you’re on auto, your axes can be thrown to a point where they’re not supposed to be. As a result, if you’re not catching an axe, your damage output will go down.

One trick you can use is to use your Phantom Dancer instead of catching axes. This will let you get to the landing spot quickly. It will also help you reset your W cooldown.

Match outcome against Draven

If you play Draven, you’ll want to use skill shots and support CC in the early game. The key to minimizing his damage output is preventing him from catching his axe, as Draven has a high damage output that can quickly snowball out of control if not handled correctly.

As a support champion, you don’t need to focus on farming, because you can use your kit and ultimate to keep Draven from rushing. If you’re able to keep Draven from rushing, you can use your kit or ultimate to counterattack.

Draven’s axes deal physical damage, knocking targets aside, and slowing them. Draven also have the ability to activate Whirling Death, which returns to their champion after striking an enemy champion. When this ability is used while their axes are flying, they deal reduced damage.

As an aggressive champion, Draven can snowball into mid-game easily. It is difficult to catch up to him when he’s behind. Soraka can help mitigate damage and block enemy champions from using abilities. As a result, hard engage supports are unlikely to jump on Draven unless the enemy is in a vulnerable position.