League of Legends Enforcers Guide

In League of Legends, one of the best characters to play is the enforcer. The enforcers are known for their strong fighting style. They also have a unique trait called The Bruiser. These traits allow them to attack and hit multiple targets at once. This makes them ideal for any situation.


Vi is short for Violet, and she is one of the playable characters in the League of Legends media franchise. She was first introduced to the game in a December 2012 update. She is a very strong warrior who can use a variety of magical abilities to protect her allies.

Vi is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends, and she can deal massive damage to enemies. She can also shield herself while dealing magic damage to the enemies behind her. Her ultimate, Assault and Battery, is a powerful spell that knocks enemy champions into the air and suppresses them for 1.25 seconds. It can deal a ton of damage and knock enemies into a circle around the target.


Sejuani, enforcers of the Iceborn, are an extremely dangerous tribe in League of Legends. They are the most fearful people in Freljord, and must constantly battle against the elements to survive. Their ice-based abilities help them to fight off the elements, and they have tons of damage, crowd control, and sustain. Riot games implemented them perfectly, and they’re now one of the most powerful champions in the game.

Sejuani was raised by barbarity, but her harsh lifestyle gave her incredible strength. She walked into frigid blizzards without food, trained while frigid winds tore at her flesh, and fought the strongest warriors in her tribe. She taught her warriors to be tough and tougher, and her influence made the tribe stronger than ever.

The Bruiser trait

In League of Legends, the Bruiser trait can be used to make your team more flexible. This trait can be used in any composition. Several champions can use this trait, such as Hextech and Striker. Jayce is also an excellent choice for the Bruiser. He can use the Mutant Emblem to get even more benefits.

This trait gives you the ability to taunt enemies adjacent to you after combat. It is similar to the Zz’Rot Portal trait. A Bruiser can also use the Bruiser trait to give his allies increased health. A Bruiser gains double health when they have an ally with the Bruiser trait.

The Hextech trait

Hextech is a powerful new tool in League of Legends, allowing enforcers to deal massive amounts of damage with minimal investment. It can be used to bolster your champions’ attack speed and help them win combat. This trait is often fitted into two or four champions, and synergizes with the Champions trait to provide additional benefits. It also has the added benefit of detaining the enemy with the most health or damage from the last combat. However, the quality of your units will affect the usefulness of the trait.

Hextech units have a variety of abilities that increase their attack speed and damage. These abilities increase their attack speed by up to eight percent per second, and the damage they deal increases by a further two percent per Hexcore pulse. They also gain bonuses to attack and damage when they are below seventy percent health.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a laning champion that is dependent on snowballing. She is low in DPS compared to most ADCs, but she still has some useful abilities for this playstyle. Her passive provides auto-attack poke, and her W and E are useful for running in and slowing pursuers. Her Q, meanwhile, is a great auto-reset.

The world has heard of her exploits: she once drowned the leader of the Silk-Knife Corsairs in a barrel of stolen rum. She also rescued Syren, a pirate captain, and taught him a valuable lesson – “never let the hand slip!” She also once tracked the insane pirate captain Doxy-Ripper to his lair in a half-dismembered leviathan and shot him in the back. Her exploits have made her a legendary figure in the world of pirates.