League of Legends Fan Made Champions

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you probably know how much fun it can be to create your own champions. Many people spend countless hours creating their own concepts, which, in all likelihood, will never see the light of day. But why waste all that effort and energy? Here are some tips to help you make the most of the time and creativity you invest in your champions.


Amumu is a League of Legend fan made champion who looks like a yordle child. The character is rather lonely and suffers from a curse that turns anyone and everything it touches to dust. Using his Q ability, he can stun an enemy for a short period of time and deal AoE damage with his W and E. While it might not sound as exciting as some other League of Legends champions, Amumu has a lot of potential.

Amumu is a tank champion who provides a high amount of damage and crowd control. The sad mummy’s armored stats make him a popular champion among League of Legends players. In addition, his AoE crowd control and damage are two of his best features.


One of the most popular League of Legends fan made champions is Annie, who is a child mage with enormous pyrokinetic power. She lives in the shadowy mountains north of Noxus, where her affinity for fire started early in life. As a child, Annie would play with her teddy bear, Tibbers. One night, however, she heard a strange noise from the floor and saw a big man appear. This was the beginning of Annie’s love for fire, and her affinity for it grew throughout her life.

Annie is a great choice for beginners. Her simplistic play style makes her one of the most accessible League of Legends champions for the casual player. Although she has plenty of room for improvement, her innate strength makes her a great starter champion.


Brenvar is a League of Legend-inspired champion with a cool graphical design. He can summon a huge snowstorm to freeze his enemies, which also damages them. Moreover, he can summon a chain and whip it to root enemies. He also gains a shield based on his maximum health. His playstyle revolves around using his Glacier’s powerful abilities. In fact, he is already popular among League of Legends fans.

The League of Legends community is constantly creating new champions. Every new champion comes with a special ability or trait, which differentiates them from other characters. As such, there are currently 160 League of Legends champions to choose from.


Renata is a new League of Legends champion. As the daughter of alchemists, she grew up in poverty. While her parents made money by selling their solutions to the rich, they also gave care to anyone who needed it. Although they lacked the means to treat all the poor people, they used cash to purchase the formulas that kept their patients alive. Despite being classified as a support champion, Renata has potential to become a leader in the game.

Renata is a strong and mature woman with grey hair and wrinkles. She joins other strong older women in gaming such as Ana and Dr. Halsey. She brings an interesting mechanic to the Summoners Rift that is sure to please fans of the game.

Annie’s Q Disintegrate

Annie’s Disintegrate ability deals magic damage to an enemy while stuning them for a second. This ability also refreshes mana. It is very useful for harassing enemies from a safe distance. This ability is also useful for team fights as it stuns enemies who walk alone.

Annie was introduced in the game on October 17, 2009. She has since had multiple visual reworks but keeps her core. She is one of the most popular mid lane champions in the game.

Brenvar’s ultimate Summon: Tibbers

This ultimate Summon is useful in situations where the enemy is able to target you. When Summoned, Tibbers deals magic damage to all enemies within 350 units, and it heals you for 6% of your maximum health per second. Additionally, Tibbers have a slight casting delay.

When used correctly, this ability can stun anything within range of its area of effect, which is large. It’s a great choice for team fights, especially when combined with the passive.

Dark Star Urgot

As a League of Legends fan, you’ve probably seen the fan-made champions called Dark Star Urgot and Caitlyn. However, you may not know about Dark Star Urgot’s history. Originally, the League of Legends villain was known for his violent one-track mind and deformed body. But a recent redesign aims to show his humanity by adding expressive eyes and a more human face. While his skin is pale and mechanized, his eyes are full of vision and emotion, and he has a sharp intellect.

The League of Legends community is incredibly passionate about this character, and it shows in their work. Fans have worked hard to make this champion a reality, creating petitions and fan art to push the development team to make it happen. They aren’t going to make it happen, but they have listened to the community’s desires.