League of Legends Female Streamers

If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you are probably interested in finding some female League of Legends streamers to follow. There are several of them. KayPea started streaming in 2013 during season three. KayPea specializes in playing mid lane and is a Platinum level player. Some of her favorites include Lux, Ahri, Syndra, Brand, and Ziggs.

Kanika Bisht

Kanika Bisht is an Indian female gamer and YouTube streamer. She is a member of Team Hydra, and has a popular YouTube channel called Kani Gaming. At the start of her career, she went by the nickname Hydra Kani. She is currently averaging two-to-three hour live gaming streams on YouTube. Kanika Bisht has a following of around 136K on Loco, and has about 3.53 million subscribers on YouTube.


There are a number of female League of Legends streamers who are known for their dynamic gameplay. MissBaffy is one of these popular streamers. Born in Australia, Ella currently lives in England. Although she is not a professional player, her influence on the community is substantial. She streams on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. Her bio features an embarrassing emoticon next to a decoration.

TF Blade

One of the best known female League of Legends streamers is TF Blade. She gained worldwide fame after her search to become ranked one. Recently, however, she has been banned from Riot Games Korea’s Partner Program after a verbal spat with a jungler. Riot did not tolerate this behavior and removed TF Blade from the partnership program. It is still unclear when TF Blade will return to the game, but she is likely to enter China after ranking one.

Lisa Vannatta

Lisa Vannatta, also known by her online alias STPeach, is a popular female game streamer from Canada. She has risen to fame on several social media platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Aside from gaming, Lisa also hosts fitness vlogs and has a fitness channel. While her Twitch stream focuses on games like League of Legends and Overwatch, she has also been the target of racist abuse.

Kezia Mathew

Kezia Mathew is a member of the League of Legends streamers group Blind Esports. She was born in Kerala and raised in Qatar before making her way to the esports scene. She gained popularity after the release of the PUBG mobile game. She has since pursued competitive gaming in the game and is one of the first women to join the scene. She has also been vocal about her experiences with harassment and has spoken out against such practices.

Mayumi Nakamura

One of the most popular female League of Legends streamers is Mayumi Nakamura. The 19-year-old is from Brazil and is the first professional female League of Legends player. She competes for INTZ in the CBLOL and streams her gameplays on Douyu. She also has more than a million followers on Weibo.


Trianna is a Russian League of Legends female streamer and player. She is one of the most well-known female players in the game. Trianna is a support laner who has been playing for a long time. In the past, she has also played professionally. She first entered the League of Legends league as a team manager before switching to a support lane role in the Russian team Vaevictis.

Joedat Esfahani

League of Legends female streamers are an exciting way to watch the game and meet new people. But, there are also some people who may not be so enthusiastic about the game. Joedat Esfahani is one of these individuals. She is a former professional player who has made a name for herself as a devoted player. Her passion for the game is apparent in the way she actively contributes to the community. During her streams, she shares tips and information for players that other streamers may not be aware of.


Xina is a part-time female League of Legends streamer from Canada. She streams mostly League of Legends, but also shares cooking videos and chit chats with fans. Outside of League, Xina also writes articles on fashion and travel. Her most popular stream is on Wednesday nights from 8 PM to 11 PM PDT.