There are several female League of Legends streamers and players on the Internet. Among these is Triniti “GamerGirl,” a Canadian Twitch streamer. She excels at the blinking assassin, Katarina, but also plays Lux and Riven.

Maya “Caltys” Henckel

In Europe, Caltys is the highest ranked ELO League of Legends gamer girl, according to her official website. She is also the most experienced mixed roster player in the EU West. Caltys’s long-term goal is to play on the top mixed rosters in the world. But her success is not without challenges. She has experienced many negative experiences while playing competitively, including slurs and gender inequity from online groups and competition.

Although Caltys is young, her career in League of Legends has already brought her international recognition. She has been playing as an ADC since season 7 of the game, and she has rubbed shoulders with players from the professional sphere. In 2018, she joined a French team called Out of the Blue and won the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival in Dubai. Afterwards, she joined Resolve Academy, where she was recruited by Team Revive. In the same year, she reached the 800 LP mark as an ADC.

Trianna Meshcheryakova

Trianna Meshcheryakova is a Russian gamer, who started her career in 2016. She managed a team called Vaevictis Esports, which played in the Russian League of Legends Championship League. The team failed to reach major success, and Trianna was forced to leave. She then joined an all-female team and played the role of support. Trianna earned a decent following in the game through her playmaking and her wit, and she reached the Diamond ranks in season 11 as one of the team’s top players.

In addition to Meshcheryakova, there are several other female League of Legends players who have made it big on the professional scene. Mayumi Nakamura, who recently joined the INTZ organization, is another notable female gamer. Her most popular champions include Leona and Nautilus. In addition to Meshcheryakova, Brazilian gamer Pokimane has also made waves on the professional scene. She began playing League of Legends as a teenager and has since become a renowned gamer.


League of Legends gamer girls KayPea and Jessica Alba have both made their mark in the competitive scene. The former has achieved Legend status 13 times and finished in the top 100 on several occasions. The latter has made waves in the world of gaming through streams and other activities. In addition to League of Legends, these two ladies have dabbled in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

KayPea’s career started in 2013, and she’s now considered one of the most popular League of Legends streamers. She loves to mix it up with other champions and has a large following on Twitch. Her streams are very fun and she interacts well with her audience.


League of legends gamer girls MissBaffy is one of the most popular streamers on the internet. She plays on the EUW server and has been streaming her SoloQ support gameplay for years. She has played champions such as Lulu and Pyke and has achieved Diamond rank. You can watch her streams on Twitch almost everyday.

Her streams have a wide variety of content. She regularly plays mages and mage champions. She plays with a high level of skill and communicates well with her viewers. Her stream is one of the most popular in the community, and her viewers are delighted with her play style and communication skills.


The Annialis is one of the top female gamer girls in the world. An American gamer, she has competed in seven tournaments and currently ranks #3058 in the world, and #635 in the United States. Another Indonesian gamer girl, Deb AKA “Annialis”, has ranked as high as #4 in her home country.

Annialis is a mixed race gamer, who prefers to use a controller on PC. She has taken part in competitive gaming tournaments and has earned over $23k. She plays using a controller on PC, which has caused controversy, and she has outperformed big streamers in scrims.