The gold funnel is a new meta in League of Legends. It was a meta-breaking tactic until patch 8.11 gutted the mid laners. However, there are some weaknesses to this tactic that make it difficult to pull off, especially at lower elos. Let’s take a look.

It was a meta-breaking tactic until patch 8.11 gutted mid laners

A popular tactic in League of Legends is to funnel all of your resources into one champion, usually Kai’Sa. This is a good strategy if you know your champion well. It also offers an advantage because it is a free farm lane and you can farm while you’re safe in the jungle.

While mid laners used to dominate the mid game, this strategy was only effective until patch 8.11 gutted mid laner’s wave clear. This created a power void, which allowed new strategies to emerge. One of these new strategies was funneling, and it soon became a popular tactic in NA LCS. A popular video by Professor Akali exposed the strategy and it was quickly adopted by many people. In time, even professional players took up the strategy.

This strategy was used by boosters in China and Twisted Treeline to pump their accounts and gain gold. The advantage was that the duo could 2v5 without caring about their team. As the game became more competitive, gold funneling strategies became more popular.

It lacks glaring weaknesses

If you’re looking for the best way to gank a team, funneling can be your answer. The strategy has its advantages, but it also has its shortcomings. First of all, it requires you to abandon your gameplan for your carries. This means that your mid-lane support has to be protected from other mid-lane champions. Secondly, the funnel duo can’t protect its carry jungler very well.

Luckily, the developers of League of Legends have addressed the funnel problem in patches 10.3 and 10.8. The first patch, 10.3, removed the penalty for melee minions, but left caster/ranged and siege minions at a penalty. These changes are meant to balance the game and make it less of a trap.

It is difficult to pull off in lower elos

A funnel comp in League of Legends is a strategy designed to funnel gold into a single champion. Most often, a champion like Kai’Sa or Irelia is chosen. However, sometimes the champion of choice is a Lucian. In either case, a mid lane player who knows their champion best is used. While the mid lane is free to farm gold, it’s not completely safe due to jungle pressure.

A top Janna with Smite is another type of funnel strategy. This type of strategy is effective in higher levels, but it’s harder to pull off in lower elos. However, it does work, and is something that professional players might experiment with.