solari league of legends

There are many groups in League of Legends dedicated to the Solari. While many of these groups are fan-made, some have been supported by Riot staff members. One such fan-made group is the Iron Solari Conclave. This fan-made group has “warred” with many other Riot staff groups, and is arguably the most successful group in the league. They even had a PBE version of their champion that gave damage reduction to all champions within a certain area. However, this group later had its features removed and the balance reverted.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Locket of the Iron Solari is an item that gives your character a 250-420 shield. However, this shield is reduced by 75% if your target has already been affected by another Locket of the Iron Solari. This item can also be used to bolster your health and defense.

This item is great for tanky champions who need high damage absorbency. It is similar in price to the Banner of Command but has more HP and AP. As a result, many healers and shield-based enchanters have begun using it in their builds. Despite its low cost and low stats, it has become a popular weapon in League of Legends.

The Iron Solari Locket has been one of the strongest items in League of Legends for several years. Not only does it provide decent defensive stats, it also adds an instant shield to the entire team. The Locket also has a new active which grants a Protective Field for 8 seconds, and gives allied champions a 35% reduction in damage.


Leona was born to be a powerful warrior, but later developed a dark side. She had been a compassionate celestial, willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of a hapless celestial, but now she is the ruthless commander of Ra’Horak.

Leona was training to be a Ra’Horak warrior, a few months away from taking her final vows as a Solari. She was also falling in love with a fellow Ra’Horak, whom she met while trekking up Mount Targon.

The Rakkor tribes have lived around the base of the mountain for thousands of years. They worshiped the sun and believed that the sun was the source of all life. Solari believe that without the sun, the world would become completely dark, and that the only way to maintain life is to protect the sun.

In the Solari League of Legends, Ra’Horak and Lunari have long had a rocky relationship. Although she was raised in the Solari faith, Diana did not share it. She did, however, notice that Diana was struggling to understand its teachings and had lost her way. As a result, she and Diana began to develop feelings for each other.

The Twisted Treeline

The Twisted Treeline is one of the last remaining Lunari items in the game. You will find it in the Shadow Isles. Although this item does not have the same benefits as the Crystal Scar, it can still be useful to the Solari. You can equip it to protect your faith from those who stand in the sun.

The Twisted Treeline map features two lanes and a mid forest that consists of neutral monster camps. This jungle promotes fast ganks and aggressive counter-jungling. You will want to engage the enemy early and lead an attack on the opponents’ altar. The Twisted Treeline offers plenty of neutral action, but the map does have a monster residing in the upper jungle. It spawns about ten minutes into the game and respawns every six minutes. The Twisted Treeline map also features powerful turrets and fast-respawning minions.

The Twisted Treeline has been updated to increase survivability. It now has two new items that offer increased survivability. One is the Arcane Sweeper, which provides a short range vision. The other is the Blackfire Torch, which has the same active ability as the Deathfire Grasp.