League of Legends Guide – Aurelion Sol

When he is not in the celestial realm, Aurelion Sol takes the form of a cosmic dragon. This form is larger than Mount Targon, resembles deep space, and glistens with the light of the stars. His head is covered in spikes, and he has sharp teeth in his mouth. He has deep blue and purple hair, which is attached to a golden crown.

Aurelion Sol’s magic was weakening

When the game first released, Aurelion Sol’s magic was weak and its cooldown was too long. The good news is that this is no longer the case. With recent changes, his magic has been buffed to last longer and deal more damage. Aurelion Sol’s three stars now orbit around him and deal magic damage. They are the primary damage output, but you should be aware that they are visible to enemies, so moving away from them will increase their hit rates. Understanding Aurelion Sol’s kit and knowing how to use it is essential in game play.

The celestial dragon Aurelion Sol is as old as time itself, and has spent aeons crafting celestial bodies. When the Targonians were ambitious enough to learn of him, the celestial dragon chose to reveal himself to them. They named him Aurelion Sol and gave him a magnificent crown carved from star gems.

His passion was creating stars

Aurelion Sol was a Star caster with the power to create stars. He forged stars and threw them towards a mountain rift to seal it. The massive explosion that followed destroyed the mountain and shattered the Pantheon’s physical form. Afterwards, the mortals witnessed the second dawn.

In the beginning, the universe was filled with Aurelion Sol. He was born from the first breath of creation and held great cosmic power. In the early universe, he roamed the skies and created stars. He also created the Sun of Runeterra. This creation made him a powerful Aspect but he remained away from other Aspects due to their egocentric nature.

In League of Legends, Aurelion Sol is a star forger with an unusual ability. He can create miniature stars and even supernovas if he wishes to. His knowledge of stars and constellations has earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable champions in the game. He has created a number of constellations and considers The Great Beyond his magnum opus. His greatest dislikes are the Aspects and the people of Targon.

His main damage output

Aurelion Sol is a Dragonsoul Mage with a high damage output. His main damage comes from his Center of the Universe stars, which are increased in speed and damage through Celestial Expansion. He also gains damage from ability power items such as Rod of Ages. If you’re looking for a tanky champion that can keep close to his enemies, Aurelion Sol is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for a more aggressive team composition, Aurelion Sol is probably not the best pick for you.

Aurelion Sol has a low pick rate and has been nerfed numerous times during the previous patches. Despite his low pick rate, his kit is a solid one. It includes a Q that suns multiple enemies and a passive that increases his stun AoE over time. These qualities make him a great roaming champion.

His shield

Braum is known for his strong shield. He can also be part of a powerful skirmishing group. His signature ability, Winter’s Bite, slows down opponents and applies Concussive Blows. However, without allies, he can be worthless.

Braum can also move while using Unbreakable, which allows him to reposition to a safe location and continue to cast abilities. He can also use his ability Winter’s Bite, which slows enemy junglers and marksmen. This ability has a seven-second window.