league of legends darius vs garen

Darius is an excellent counter to Garen in the mid to late game. He also has similar CS to Garen, making him a good support champion. Support champions don’t require high CS and scale well off of their first items, skills, and stats.


The best way to counter Garen’s damage is to play defensively. The physical damage from his R is devastating, and he can execute you if you are low on health. His ability to execute you is called Judgment, and it deals maximum damage when it hits a single target. However, there are ways to mitigate the damage that he deals, including moving through his allied minions. You should also avoid attacking Garen while in the brush, as this will result in full damage from his Judgment.

Garen’s kit is one of the easiest to use in League of Legends, and it is highlighted by high amounts of damage and toughness. His first ability, Decisive Strike, gives him a burst of movement speed, and it synergizes with his second ability, Judgement. With this, he can strike several enemies at once and silence them. This spell can also be used to deal massive damage at low health.

One of the most important skills to use against Garen is Courage. Its passive provides additional health, and can be used to attack an enemy champion. In addition, the Courage skill also grants Garen a shield and increases tenacity.


In League of Legends, items are extremely important. They can help you win in a variety of situations. The best items for Darius against Garen include the Maw of Malmortius and the Death’s Dance. The latter item is especially helpful, as it gives you a massive shield. Similarly, the Lifeline rune can save your life against Garen. The Conqueror rune can turn you into a healer, which is a good choice in a fight against the legendary.

If you’re looking to win in Darius’ Baron lane, the best items for Darius are the ones that give you sustained damage. It is also important to take the right timing to avoid losing the laning phase. This will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities for extended trades and short trades.

Generally, Darius does quite well in the early game. He just needs to find the right moment to attack. Then, he needs to take advantage of his abilities like Decimate and Apprehend. These abilities apply a stack of passive, while the Apprehend pulls enemies. When Darius gets five stacks, his attack damage increases significantly.

Time to win

A good Darius player can outlast a Garen in League of Legends by using the right strategy in the early game. A good Darius player will wait for the perfect moment to pull his opponent out and then use his E ability to do a quick combo. This combo will include an auto-attack, a W slow, and a Q. The full combo will land with five stacks and cause the opponent to bleed for five seconds.

A support champion can counter the strong Garen in lane and mid-late game. Support champions don’t need much CS to outlast a champion with this type of playstyle. Their stats, skills, and first items are good enough to scale.

The best runes to use against a Garen are the Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Last Stand. In addition to this, a Darius’ Q can be baited to drain his mana.