League of Legends Guide – Karma

If you’re looking for a League of Legends guide that covers the versatile champion Karma, you’ve come to the right place. She excels at bulldozing melee tanks and stands up to mage supports. In addition to her multipurpose role, she thrives in the Sorcery tree.

Karma is a versatile champion in League of Legends

Karma is a champion that works well in nearly every lane and role in the game. His support skills are excellent and his poke ability can be extremely effective. In addition, Karma has an excellent Q, which deals significant damage at a low mana cost. His high level skill tree makes him a frustrating ADC for opponents.

Aside from his offensive capabilities, Karma is also a great late game fighter. He can play as an ADC or Support, and his utility and damage makes him an excellent late game choice. In addition to his utility and damage, his shield and speed buffs make him a strong ally for the ADC.

She excels at bullying melee tanks

If you’re looking for a League of Legends guide that excels at bullying melee tanks, Karma is your best bet. This versatile support champion has a great lane presence and works well with poke-heavy picks and long-range AD carries. If your team is lacking a tank, a Karma is an excellent option to salvage the situation.

When playing Karma, you’ll want to avoid early tank picks and spam her Mantra. Because she’s so squishy, early tanks can easily one-shot her. To protect yourself against these types of enemies, activate Mantra before minion waves clash. While on the lane, make sure that you’re not in Cassiopeia’s effective range, then throw Q between the melee and caster minions. During the fight, weave in auto attacks on each caster minions.

She can stand up to mage supports

Karma is a good support champion for melee teams, but she can also stand up to mage supports. Her tether and powerful shield make her an excellent stand-up against them. Her abilities can also immobilize enemies, and she can even lock them in place. Zilean is one of the most annoying mage supports, and she can sometimes decide the outcome of a game.

Karma is an excellent mage support, but her early game isn’t her best time. Mage supports like Braum and Leona can be very weak against her. However, her late game shines. Her ultimate can knock down the entire enemy team, and she can do massive damage before knocking them down. She also has an AP carry, so she can shred her enemies like paper.

She thrives in the Sorcery tree

Karma’s level 1 starts with a spooky, slashing attack, making it one of the best starter characters in the Sorcery tree. Its ultimate can be used to chain CC or hit the enemy team with an empowered Q. However, Karma’s downsides make him a weak pick for many teams. As such, it’s best to group with the team and focus on buffing the AD carry. You should trust your teammates and trust them to win.

She has respectable base AP values

Karma is an aggressive tank in League of Legends, and its base AP value is highly respectable. The standard AP Rune Page is a great place to start, and you’ll want to choose Greater Marks of Magic Penetration and Greater Seals of Armor to provide a sturdier Mid Game. You’ll also want to convert your Glyphs from MR to AP for a tankier mid game.

Karma is a strong lane bully. This champion works well with poke-heavy picks and long-range AD carries. He can also be very effective in a team lacking tanks.

She excels in laning phase

As a versatile caster, Karma is a great option for laning. With the right runes and builds, she can be a very effective pick in the top lane, mid lane, or bot lane. At the time of the character’s release, Karma was a bit on the fringe, but in Season 3 she became a major force.

When playing as a Karma, you need to be careful not to get killed by the jungler. You need to play smart and start calling shots mid-game. This way, your team knows what you need to do or where to ward.