League of Legends Healers

In League of Legends, healers play an important role in the game. However, they need to be well-trained to do their job effectively. There are many healers in the game, but only a few of them are as effective as others. This article will discuss a few of them, including Master Yi, Janna, Allistar, and Taric.


A healer in League of Legends is a great way to help your team win. If used properly, Soraka can heal for a truckload during a team fight or a solo fight. If protected properly, she can even turn a longer fight around. However, if she is not protected, she can be taken down easily and cannot do much damage.

A healer’s main job in League of Legends is to support and protect her teammates. Soraka’s life source is the nuclear rune, which gives her the ability to heal for maximum healing to the rest of the team. Her main priority in teamfights is to keep all carries alive, especially the AD Carry.


Janna is a powerful healer with a wide range of useful abilities. She has a powerful ultimate that can knock back enemies up to 875 units and stun them for 0.5 seconds. She can also release soothing winds that heal nearby allies. She also plays well in laning phases, and can be used to out-play enemy champions.

Janna is not the easiest champion to play, but she has a lot of utility. She can CC enemies, deal magic damage, shield allies, and heal herself, but her heals aren’t the most powerful in the game. You might want to consider another support tank champion like Alistar. The Bard is another good choice, but it varies depending on how you play her.


If you want to be a top-level healer in League of Legends, you can choose Alistar, a tank champion with good defensive stats. This champion can survive for a long time in the front line and can be very effective at crowd control. Here are some tips to use this champion effectively:

You can use the Allistar’s passive ability to heal nearby allied players. This ability regenerates health and is especially useful if your team members have a weak mana pool. However, this healer’s passive ability is not very strong until mid-game. This means that it may not be the best healer in the game, but it will help if you are not managing your mana properly. In League of Legends, an Allistar is a good choice for tanking and is an excellent choice for support tanking.


One of the League of Legends healers is Taric. Initially, he was a warrior, but a recent change in the game has seen him shift to a support role. His crowd control tools and tankiness make him a strong asset in late game teamfights.

One of the biggest advantages of Taric is that he works well with other melee champions. His E, which charges up a beam of starlight in front of him, makes him a powerful melee hero. This makes him a great companion for Nilah, as she can dash through enemies and hit them with a stun from Taric’s E. Furthermore, her E also has a double charge, which helps her disengage or reposition.


If you’re looking to play a healer in League of Legends, consider playing Sona. This Maven of the Strings prioritizes healing allies over doing her own damage. To boost her healing power, you can equip the Revitalize rune. This rune is a great way to improve your healing speed and damage.

A healer is a valuable addition to a team. She provides health, boosts the health of teammates, and speeds up the team. She can also keep teammates alive during random encounters by using her ultimate, which stuns enemies and heals teammates around her. She also can be an effective support when Yuumi, another support champion, comes into the Summoner’s rift searching for her master. During these times, she can jump onto a teammate to heal them. She can also shield her teammates with her ‘Summon Aery’ rune.