League of Legends Highest AP Build – How to AP Leona in League of Legends

If you’re a AP Varus, it’s important to build as much AP as possible. You’ll want to use items such as Rabadon’s Cap and Ludens Echo to increase your damage and spread it to nearby enemies. You’ll also want to use items such as Rift Maker, which helps you survive longer. And don’t forget to use your skill shot ability, Q, to shoot down your target. This ability has some great effects and is also very hard to miss.

AP Cho’Gath

In League of Legends, Cho’Gath is a tank champion with a hybrid HP/AP scaling system. The HP/AP scaling system works by improving the champion’s base stats. Additionally, AP scaling allows the champion to scale its abilities, such as Q. Since the Q does 100% AP damage, it makes Cho’Gath an excellent nuker. Cho’Gath has several different builds available to suit different play styles, allowing for tank builds as well as AP builds.

While Cho’Gath isn’t favored in all matchups, he can still win the laning phase. His high defensive stats make him a good choice for late game teamfights. In addition, his size intimidates enemies and can make them surrender.

The basic attack should be E Vorpal Spikes, because it gives Cho’Gath a huge amount of damage. It also has a high chance of drawing turret aggro. Cho’Gath should also max his ultimate, which deals a huge amount of true damage. It will also increase his health per consume stack. The downside is that you will lose half of your stacks when you die.

While Cho’Gath’s mythic item options are varied and depend on the matchup, the Frostfire Gauntlet is the most versatile and beneficial choice. It empowers legendary items with 100 health, which is essential on this hero. It also increases other key stats, grants a unique passive, and upgrades Cho’Gath’s one-v-one and teamfight potential.

AP Varus

The AP Varus in League of Legends is a great choice for tanking squishy champions, and his arrow can be nearly undodgeable in Fog of War. AP Varus can be a powerful killing machine, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a champion to play in ranked matches. In fact, it is best played in the normal lane.

If you are playing AP Varus in League of Legends, it’s important to focus on his attack speed and ability power. This builds allows Varus to deal bonus damage on his first hit. It is also a great choice for players that want to dominate their opponents in the early game by forcing them out of their lane. Additionally, this build will make it easier to get items in the midgame.

Varus has a passive that allows him to apply stacks of Blight to his enemies. Each stack deals damage that is proportional to his maximum health. When he hits an enemy with Blight, he can also use his W to pop off the Blight stacks from the target. During the process, Varus will deal magic damage that is proportional to the target’s maximum health.

Varus is a very underrated champion in League of Legends. Despite the fact that he is one of the best tank champions, he needs to be played safe early on. When he first lands on the map, he should focus on the most squishy champion. He can also engage in a fight by using his ultimate or piercing arrow.

AP Leona

There are several ways to AP Leona in League of Legends. Regardless of your play style, there are a few things you can do to make this champion stand out from the rest. For starters, it is possible to boost her utility kit by using different runes, such as Hextech Rockebelt and Lich Bane. These runes are particularly useful if you are playing a champion without mana items. They both boost Leona’s mana regeneration when hitting enemies or regenerating it when she is taking down champions.

You should also take advantage of summoner spells. They are essential for almost every champion in the game, and they work very well with Leona’s abilities. Solar Flare and Shield Of Daybreak will stun and crowd control your enemy champion, while Ignite will add extra damage to Leona’s abilities.

As an AP, Leona has a high burst and high magic damage abilities. The AP ratios of her abilities allow her to one-shot enemy champions while staying tanky. If you can get a full set of ability power items, she can be extremely effective in solo lanes.

Leona is a solid support champion, which excels at engaging with heavy crowd control and being the front line tank for her team. Her multiple abilities allow her to chain crowd control and kill enemies in the early game. Early-game combos with Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak make her a top champion in this role. However, she has a risk factor because her early-game abilities are difficult to land.