League of Legends – How to Use the Thresh Lantern

The Thresh Lantern is an important ally in League of Legends, but it can be tricky to use. There are a few different ways you can use it. You can use it to Flay an enemy, throw out a lantern, or even Ward an ally. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks.


Thresh is an amazing champion in League of Legends who can throw a lantern. This powerful skill grants a shield to Thresh and the first ally that comes near it. This ability can be used to save an ally’s life or set up an engagement with an enemy.

The passive damage from the Flay increases with the number of souls you collect, so you should always try to make sure you are behind the champion to avoid being hit. Another key to mastering this skill is to use practice mode as much as possible. Also, do not use auto-cast.

The Flay ability is very useful for Thresh Lantern. It interrupts your opponent’s abilities and channels. The ability is useful against enemies that use a variety of defensive and offensive abilities. It also cancels out most of their damage.

Flash over a wall

Thresh’s lantern is an important offensive tool in League of Legends. This resurgent champion can use it to scout into unwarded brush or give a jungler a free ride. However, beware, the lantern is a one-way trip, so be sure to avoid the trap of accidentally pulling your ally into the enemy team.

Using Thresh’s lantern to collect souls is one way to avoid face-checks. It can also be used to protect yourself when your opponents chase you. However, be aware of the short cast time of this ultimate. It is not a good idea to use it when your opponent is out of range, since it doesn’t last very long.

Another way to use Thresh’s lantern is to activate his ultimate ability, the “Box”. When activated, this ability creates a pentagon-shaped wall around Thresh’s current location. Any enemy caught in this area is slowed and will suffer damage. It also slows down enemies that are within the box.

Throw out a lantern

In League of Legends, the ability to throw out a lantern can be very useful. In battle, the lantern can be used to illuminate an area, revealing enemies and their locations. However, it has some disadvantages. The lantern has a small collision radius. As a result, it will not cover enemy champions or minions, and it may not be useful for warding off enemy champions.

When using a lantern, make sure that you are careful not to let the lantern be caught by the enemy. A champion on top of a lantern can bodyblock and prevent you from getting away from the area. Players can also use wards to prevent the opponent from interacting with the lantern.

Ward an ally

Having a ward can be extremely useful in League of Legends. These special abilities give your teammates valuable information, and they also give your laners time to back off. The ward also helps your laners when they are overextended by a large number of players. It also gives them a longer escape distance, which gives them an advantage over their opponents.

Having an ally is especially helpful if you want to make ganks a lot easier. You can use your lantern to shield an ally if you are ganking. Alternatively, you can toss it backwards towards your jungler to set up a fast gank.

Locket of the Iron Solari vs. Thresh

Thresh is a great support character. She can clear wards for teammates and engage opponents. She also has a long range, which makes her an excellent pick for late-game teamfights. She should focus on CC, but she should also keep a watchful eye on her teammates.

Before Thresh’s transformation, Thresh was just a normal human. He was in the service of an organization that studied arcane knowledge. He had been given a low position and the task of stewarding dangerous artifacts, but he knew this was only to keep him away from people. He spent years in the dark vaults, isolated from the rest of humanity. This isolated existence caused Thresh to grow in power.

The locket of the Iron Solari is better against immobile AD carries and ranged supports. It can also CC enemies. However, it depends on how the player plays the champion. If the player knows how to play this champion well, he can one-trick his way to the top of the Solo Queue ladder in no time.