League of Legends Ice Bird Guide

As a benevolent winged spirit, the Ice Bird is a powerful and versatile champion. She’s a battlemage with the passive skill Reborn. This ability allows her to raise herself from the dead. This effect has a six-second cooldown, making it useful when dying under a tower. Another powerful ability is Flash Frost, a long-range ice orb that slows your target’s movement speed by 20%.

Anivia is a benevolent winged spirit

Anivia is a benevolient winged spirit who has endured endless cycles of life, death, and rebirth. She was born of the harsh north and has lived to protect the tribal peoples from the ice and bitter winds. She is an enduring symbol of hope and sacrifice, and fights with every ounce of her being.

Anivia is a great champion for laning phase support and push, and she comes with a free Guardian Angel that will protect her from burst damage. Anivia uses her elemental powers to protect her homeland, and she is capable of sacrificing herself to protect it. Despite her many strengths, the champion can be a challenging champion to play. The best way to play the champion is to customize your play style to maximize its abilities.

She is a Cyrophoenix

A Cyrophoenix is a mythical bird found in the world of League of Legends. This bird represents the cycle of life and was created by Anivia. She hails from the northern point of Valoran and is often referred to as a symbol of change and hope. She uses a double-bladed battle axe and possesses heightened senses.

She has a passive skill called Reborn

The League of Legends ice bird Anivia has a passive skill called Reborn. This skill allows Anivia to avoid death when it is taken by enemies. This passive skill only occurs when Anivia has taken too much damage. The enemy team will not be able to kill her when she is in this state, but if the enemy team kills her, she will revert to an egg form and survive for six seconds.

Reborn is one of the best passive skills in League of Legends, but it can be quite difficult to use, especially in the early game. Reborn is a passive skill, which means that the player does not have to spend any real money to use it. Once you have it, you can use it to squish your enemies and gain a massive advantage.

She has a special ability called Glacial Storm

Ice bird has a special ability called Glaical Storm in League of Legends, and it’s very useful, especially in late-game. The ice bird’s CC, Flash Frost, stuns enemies during minion waves, and Glacial Storm deals decent AOE damage. Because her cooldown is only three seconds, it’s tempting to spam it, but this can lead to problems later in the game.

She can avoid death once every 240 seconds

In League of Legends, Anivia is a very useful mage. She’s considered a monster at the end of the game but is still very useful due to her ability to lock up opponents with CC and knock them down. This makes her very fun to play and her passive ability to rebirth after dying is very useful. She can rebirth up to 240 seconds in a row, which means that she can keep attacking opponents and avoiding death.