League of Legends Immobilize – Different Types of Immobilization

Immobilize is one of the most important abilities in League of Legends, but not every ability is an immobilizer. Some are just stuns, while others can cause a player to become unable to move. This article will go over the different types of immobilization and how to use them effectively.

Tahm Kench passive

During a teamfight, Tahm Kench can use his passive immobilizer to ensnare an enemy. While this passive immobilizer is useful in teamfights, you should keep in mind that enemies can still see you. To make this passive immobilizer even more effective, you can pair it with an area-of-effect stun. This can help you to kill enemies in teamfights by dropping them into your team.

Tahm Kench is one of the most trolliest heroes in the game, and his passive immobilizer is his main weapon. It is very powerful against enemy champions, and if used correctly, it can immobilize an enemy champion for several seconds. This makes him a fantastic champion to have in your team. You can stack him with Poppy, Q slow, and Poppy stun to have godlike results. If you’re unable to stack any of these abilities, you can stack him with Press the Attack to get extra damage. In addition, you can also stack a passive on top of your Q and Ult, allowing you to get a ton of single target damage. This can be very useful for killing top laners in a single shot.

Janna’s Q

In League of Legends, Janna’s Q is a versatile CC ability. Not only can it surprise an enemy, but it can also be used to interrupt a range of enemies’ abilities. When used correctly, Janna’s Q can disable an enemy’s mobility and prevent them from closing the gap on you.

While Janna is often seen as a straightforward champion, her kit is complex and relies on timing and coordination. For this reason, you must practice playing her for many games. You’ll also want to learn her passive abilities, such as bonus movement speed. Additionally, her W and basic attacks will deal additional magic damage based on your movement speed.

You’ll also want to equip utility items during team fights. Redeemation is one of the best options because it will damage and heal allies within her range. You’ll also be able to cast it even if you’re dead, thanks to its long casting range.

Aurelion Sol’s Q

Aurelion Sol’s Q immobilizing ability is one of the most powerful in the game, and it can be used to cripple opponents. Unlike most other champions, it does not rely on a single stat to cause damage. This makes it a versatile and dangerous champion. As such, it is an excellent choice for a ranged DPS. It also offers good damage, and can gank from any angle.

Aurelion Sol’s Q increases the damage dealt by her abilities by up to 20%. The missiles start a target’s location when the caster enters their vision. It also has a 5 second cooldown when you take damage from Aurelion Sol. It is possible to cancel the effect by recasting the ability. This effect also grants the player a bonus movement speed of up to 20%.

Cryo-Freeze (L-Shift)

This skill prevents movement and teleportation, but will not prevent a character from turning. While immobilized, the character is still able to attack targets in range and will not use skills that require movement. The duration is 10 seconds. Although immobilize is not permanent, it does deal damage. The duration will be reduced if the character is able to move.

Endothermic Blaster (Primary Fire)

Endothermic Blaster is a damage-based ultimate that stuns enemies for 1.3 seconds. This is a significant buff to Mei, a tank who is the king of choke points. It can freeze multiple targets at once. However, the blaster’s damage has been reduced recently. While it’s still dangerous, it can be a bit difficult to deflect.