League of Legends Invitational 2015 Winners

The league of legends invitational 2015 has concluded and the winners are in: EDG. It was a thrilling game with many surprises. Clearlove’s multiple kills and ganking of the top lane were impressive. EDG won the three lanes and the game by mid-game. In the end, SKT T1 forfeited the game.

SK Telecom T1’s dominance

The dominance of SK Telecom T1 in the League of Legends Invitational 2015 wasn’t entirely surprising. Although the team didn’t win the world championship the year before, they were still the best team in their domestic league, and their dominance was obvious throughout the group stages. They swept every team in their group and looked poised to win the tournament in the end.

SK Telecom T1 was unstoppable in the league’s invitational tournament, and they looked like they would dominate the tournament until the finals. Their first match against KOO Tigers was a classic example of a dominant team. They pressed to force a fight, and forced a 1-for-1 trade between PraY’s Jinx and Faker’s Kassadin. The fight, which was won by SKT, ended 3-0 and SKT never looked back.

In the invitational, T1 was able to take down several teams, including the top three. Their dominance is due to the fact that the SKT corporation has consistently supported the team, and despite their dominance, their opponents have fallen behind. In the LCK, T1 is the top team in the world.

SK Telecom T1 won the LCK Summer Split in 2015 and was the first team to win the tournament with a perfect record. Since then, no other region has won the Summoner’s Cup. This is the first time a Korean team has won the tournament twice, and has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the international scene.