League of Legends Ivern Guide

Ivern is a versatile character that can use a variety of AP items. Some of these include Liandry’s Anguish, Shadowflame, and Demonic Embrace. Everfrost and Zhonya’s Hourglass can be very useful against tanks, assassins, and bursty champions. There are two main ways to max out your abilities as an AP Ivern.


As a support champion in League of Legends, the Ivern is one of the strongest jungle invaders in the game. Despite his high health and damage, he is limited in his ability to heal and shield, and is best paired with teams with an active hyper carry. Instead, Ivern should focus on ganking and farming, which will help him get ahead of his opponents. To avoid his abilities, be aware of his cast range, as well as his slow movement animation.

One of Ivern’s best abilities is his ability to root enemies from long range. When he shoots his Rootcaller, his enemy is stunned and takes damage. His allies can then dash forward to attack the rooted enemies. With this ability, Ivern can easily secure ganks and carries in the jungle. It also helps Ivern’s teammates secure kills.

If you’re a novice in League of Legends, an Ivern is a good choice for team fights and is a great support champion. He offers free buffs and can be useful in team fights, but his main role is lane pressure. The key is to activate Brushmaker and use Daisy to set up ambush spots and to block enemy champion skill shots. You can also use Daisy to peel for your carries.

You’ll need to make smart choices when choosing Champion Picks. Ivern is very strong against a team’s carry, so it’s important to use the right champions. To do that, you need to adjust your items and game style accordingly.

Staff of Flowing Water

The Staff of Flowing Water is a support-based item in League of Legends. It increases movement speed of multiple allies. In addition to this, it can also apply Rapids. This support item is commonly used by junglers. This build is very beneficial in the current jungle meta, which favors champions with AP.

Besides being a legendary item, the Staff of Flowing Water also gives a 20% boost to ability power. Its base mana regeneration rate is 100 percent, and it gives a 5% heal power boost. In addition, the Staff of Flowing Water’s passive ability, Rapids, grants 20 – 40 AP. It also enhances shields and heals.

The Staff of Flowing Water is a key item in Ivern’s toolkit. It can be very effective in combating the enemy carry. If you use it properly, you can get huge damage and a large amount of gold. This item has great support potential and can make you stand out from the crowd. It can help you win the lane and get the best gear to boost your skill level.

This item is very important in League of Legends, and you should always keep it at your back. Regardless of the difficulty level, you can use the Staff of Flowing Water to gain an edge over your opponents.