League of Legends Jhin Voice

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you’ll love the voice of Jhin. His powerful long-ranged abilities and marksman ability make him a formidable killer. This is why he has his own twitter account, complete with a bot that posts quotes every hour.

Khada Jhin is a serial killer in League of Legends

A criminal psychopath, Khada Jhin grew up in Runeterra and was captured by the nation of Ionia. The ruling council wanted to use him as a personal assassin, and he was tasked to kill their targets. His spree of killings spanned Ionia’s southern mountains, killing scores of travelers and even entire farmsteads. Afterward, he left the corpses arranged in bizarre displays.

Jhin is an incredibly meticulous killer. His murders have earned him the nickname “Golden Demon.” He has a history of performing gruesome stage performances, and has killed several people in Ionia. His methods of killing are based on different forms of art, and he enjoys displaying his work.

Jhin’s signature spell is the Dancing grenade. This ability slows down enemies by 30%, and when it explodes, it deals 20260 magic damage. Jhin can also place two lotus traps at a time, one under each corpse, causing a slowing effect and a large amount of damage. These traps recharge every 18 to 24 seconds depending on Jhin’s level.

He is a marksman champion

As a marksman champion in League of Legends, Jhin is one of the most versatile characters. Unlike other champions, he can be unlocked much faster than the others. His voice, however, is less recognizable than his other abilities. The character has prosthetics on his face and mouth, which disappear when he dies. The mask also covers an eye that is working perfectly. As a marksman, Jhin has banks of interactions and abilities to use them.

Though he does not have a background or a backstory, Jhin is an incredibly intriguing new character. His voice is similar to the one of the new VALORANT agent Neon. In fact, he is even voiced by the same actor. This new champion will soon be able to reach the Public Beta Environment.

As a marksman champion, Jhin is best at picking off targets from a distance. However, he can also deal massive single target damage at medium range. Riot calls him the slowest marksman in League of Legends, but he packs a punch with his single, well-placed shots.

He has long-ranged abilities

As a marksman, Jhin excels at picking off enemies and dealing massive damage to single targets. Despite his slow attack speed, he still packs a powerful punch with a single well-placed shot. Jhin’s attack speed increases with level, and he gains bonus attack damage based on his AD, and his fourth shot is a guaranteed crit.

Jhin’s Whisper ability is a powerful weapon that allows him to channel dark magics into his attacks. With four shots, the Whisper deals additional damage and stuns enemy champions. The final shot deals bonus execute damage and inspires a burst of Move Speed. Jhin also has a powerful cane that he wields with incredible range. With the right timing, he can brandish it for long ranged damage and stun enemies. His last shot is a critical strike, and his ranged damage increases every time he strikes an enemy.

Jhin’s long-ranged abilities are complemented by his ability to teleport. He can travel a considerable distance, but he must be able to stay in close range to hit an enemy. His long-range abilities will be particularly useful in late-game. This hero is known for his ability to deal massive damage, and he has some of the most powerful long-range abilities in League of Legends.

He believes murder is art

In League of Legends, Khada Jhin is a character known for his brutal killing styles. He considers murder an art form, using his gun like a paintbrush to create works of artistic brutality. The brutality of the murders that Jhin commits is his source of glee and cruel pleasure. It’s no wonder he enjoys killing, because human life is senseless.

Despite being a professional hunter, Jhin also sees murder as an art form. The words of a Jhin quote can make you think about the art form. His words about killing are so powerful and thought-provoking that they have been shared by a lot of League of Legends players.

The voice of Jhin is reminiscent of the dark spirit in a play reminiscent of Japanese Noh theater. The actor also has a new model, with glowing eyes on his left. Moreover, he has new sounds for his abilities. He can now use his Whisper ability, his fourth shot and his recall.