League of Legends Jungling Tips and Tricks

There are several tips and tricks that can make your jungling game more efficient. These include getting out of the jungle, using crowd control, and using smite on the Rift Scuttler during a fight. You will also need to consider the state of the game in your lane.

Getting out of your jungle

If you’re struggling with League of Legends’ jungle fights, you’re not alone. The jungle is one of the most difficult places to dominate in the game, so it’s vital to know how to get out of it. Fortunately, there are several ways to get out of the jungle and win more games.

First, you must know your role in the jungle. Being a jungler at mid to low ELO can be a daunting experience, as jungle players have to do everything for their team and take the brunt of everything that goes wrong. For this reason, jungle is not recommended for beginners. Thankfully, Riot is taking note of this issue and working to improve the quality of life of junglers.

Using crowd-control

When jungling in League of Legends, there are several different ways to deal with crowd-control effects. The way you use crowd control will depend on the composition of your team and the situation. In some situations, it may be more advantageous to avoid crowd-control situations altogether than to try to deal with them. For example, if you’re in the midst of a battle and the enemy jungler is able to swarm you, it might be best to simply keep your distance and wait for the duration of the CC to expire.

One way to avoid being swarmed by a large enemy jungler is to countergank. If you know when an enemy is going to gank, you can simply walk over to them, wait for their overcommitment, and then attack. One of the best ways to plan for a countergank is to get a clear vision of the enemy jungle camp. You can do this by placing wards around their camp, which will help you follow their path.

Considering the game state of a lane

When jungling in League of Legends, it is important to consider the game state of a lane. For instance, if your enemy has a ranged champion, you might want to consider setting up a jungle camp in that lane. This will allow you to influence the targets and matchups that you have with them.

The game state of a lane is the first factor to consider when jungling. A ranged top lane with ignite is a particularly volatile matchup. To deal with this, you’ll want to choose a weaker jungle champion that will occupy the lane and push the early minion waves. Even if the jungle fight breaks out, a ranged top lane will probably have the advantage of being able to move into the river if necessary.

Using Smite on the Rift Scuttler during a fight

In League of Legends, you can use Smite to kill the Rift Scuttler. This champion is found in the jungle. Using Smite on the Scuttler will remove its shield, and it will also regenerate your champion’s health. This champion spawns in the jungle at the same time as the other Rift Scuttler. This means that the jungler can’t take both Rift Scuttlers at once.

You can also use Smite to kill enemies that have summoners. This will allow you to get extra EXP from the summoner. However, beware of enemy mids that use wards and other tactics to prevent you from killing them. It may be tempting to use Smite on the Rift Scuttler during a League of Legends fight, but you should save it for the finishing blow.

Avoiding trash-talking as a jungler

Avoiding trash-talking as a League of Legends jungler is an important aspect of your game. This is especially important when you’re in the early game. In the early games, you’re often the focus of the team, farming champions and getting their advantages. In addition to that, the biggest objective of the jungler is to slay epic monsters, which grant teammates an advantage for a short time.

Performing multiple ganks in a lane

Performing multiple ganks in lane in League of Legends can be challenging, but it’s also important if you want to climb up the jungle. The right timing will determine how successful you’ll be. The optimal time to gank will depend on the state of the enemy’s minion waves. For example, a jungler should not gank an ally laner who has pushed in a wave. Instead, the laner and jungler should focus on dealing high amounts of damage to the enemy turret.

When ganking an enemy, consider the positioning of the enemy jungler, champions, and other players in the lane. If the enemy is under-geared, it will be easier to get a kill. You can also gank the enemy if it’s not pushing. In addition, the enemy will burn their summoner spells if you’re ganking him. This will reduce his mobility in the lane and force him to be cautious.