League of Legends Legacy Cursor

League of Legends recently added the ability to change the cursor to the legacy cursor style. This change is a huge step towards modernization of the game, and it has been implemented by Riot with great effort. The legacy cursor allows you to change the size of the cursor, its color, and the text displayed on it.

Changing the cursor size

If you’re tired of having the same old cursor size on your League of Legends character, you may want to change it. There are a few easy steps to change your cursor size. First, go into the game’s options menu. In the options menu, look for the Interface tab. Click on it. In this section, find the subheading “Legacy cursor.” Now, click on the checkbox next to it to enable it.

You can also change the size of your League of Legends legacy cursor by going to the game’s options menu. There, you will find the ‘Pointer size’ option. You can then adjust the size by dragging the slider bar to the left or right.

Once you have changed the size of your legacy cursor, you can revert it back to the original size. You can also change the cursor’s color. The original Legacy cursor was inspired by the DoTA and Warcraft III games.

Changing the color

You can change the color of the League of Legends legacy mouse cursor by going to the settings tab. Before, you could only change the cursor color when Qiyana or other allies are hovered over. That was a pain to deal with, and it added a new customizing option to the settings tab. Riot Games made this change in order to make the settings tab a bit more streamlined.

The legacy cursor in League of Legends changes color depending on which team you are playing for. The blue team has a blue cursor, while the red team has a red cursor. If you are playing for one team, changing the color of your cursor will help you identify your team more easily.

There are several ways to change the color of the League of Legends mouse cursor. First, you can uncheck the box that allows the legacy cursor to be displayed. Secondly, you can check or uncheck the box next to it.

Changing the text displayed on the cursor

When you play League of Legends, the cursor appears next to your character. You can change the text that appears on it by changing your cursor settings. The cursor’s appearance can vary greatly from the default yellow glove icon to a modern pointer. You can use a cursor changer to change your cursor to something that is easier to read, or to one that matches the theme of your PC. There are several cursor changers available online.

The default League of Legends cursor is the same as it was in Warcraft III and DoTA2. However, you can change the text displayed on your cursor to reflect your preference. To do this, you will need to navigate to the game’s options and click on the Legacy Cursor option.

Once you’ve done that, click on the Legacy Cursor icon to change its configuration. It has different icon options – you can choose a yellow glove for a mouse cursor, a modern pointer for the mouse, or the classic red sword icon for a sword cursor.