League of Legends Level 125 Loading Screen Borders

One of the most popular video games has added loading screen borders to its game. These borders are automatically added to your champions when you play them in the 5v5 Ranked game mode. They look awesome and are available in different colors. Some of the new ones are green and some are red-purple. Read on to learn more about the new ones.

Level 125 border’s emerald green color scheme

Level 125 is the new rank cap in League of Legends. The old account cap was set at level 30. This meant that you needed to hit that level in order to access all the different runes. Now, players can unlock different levels by playing ranked matches and looting. To select these new levels, click on your profile picture and select the desired border.

The new League of Legends level borders were created by SkinSpotlights and Mooncake Phel, which look neater and more intricate. While the new borders change the look slightly, the general concept of the old designs is still maintained. The new level 125 border has a dark red-purple color scheme.

Level 125 border’s dark red-purple color scheme

The dark red-purple color scheme of Level 125 loading screens is one of the most unique features of the game, and it also stands out from the other tiers. This unique color scheme is the result of an interesting mechanic implemented by Riot Games. This mechanic promotes players who have reached a certain level of excellence. These players represent a small number of the total player base, or around 4.4%.

Level 125 border’s new color scheme

The Level 125 loading screen border has been updated to have a new color scheme. The new color scheme is a dark red and purple. However, the League of Legends community is split on whether or not the new color scheme should stay. There are many people who say that it looks good, but others are not so sure.