League of Legends Lux Counter

League of legends lux counter is a tool in the game that lets you determine how much of an item or spell costs. This tool is especially useful if you play as Lux, who has a low defense and can easily be disrupted by other heroes, such as Nami.


The League of Legends Lux counter can be found by clicking on the corresponding row in the table. You can also use filters to limit the search to champions in a specific tier. Once you have found the Lux counter you are looking for, you should know which champions to use against them. Each champion has a specific synergy with another champion, and you can use this to your advantage.

A good way to counter Lux is to use her passive abilities. Her FINAL SPARK is a powerful ability that allows her to fire a powerful beam of light to all her targets. You can use this to your advantage and reset the duration of the Illumination debuff. Other great champions to use against Lux include Akali, Yasuo, and Blitzcrank. These champions have strong corner pressing abilities and will help you keep a distance from Lux.


One of the best ways to counter Waveclear is to use a champion with high AD and ranged damage. This champion is often AD-heavy, but is also good at dealing poke damage. They are usually picked as top champions, since they are effective in surviving in the early game and often transition to team fights later on. Another option is to use ranged lane bullies, but you must be careful. Most ranged champions do not transition well to the later game, and are often picked because of their early game speed and ability to snowball a big early lead.

If you want to counter Waveclear Lux, you should try to take advantage of the fact that his ultimate telegraphs where he’ll be teamfighting. This way, you can force him to teamfight or split-push and telegraph where he’ll be porting.


Lux is a range champion that deals magic damage. She also has spell cast abilities, including detain, slow, and an unlimited range ultimate. Her main weaknesses are against champions with a longer range and those that use the blink ability. The good news is that Lux has several counters to these weaknesses!

If you’re playing against Lux, you should first maximize her E ability, “Lucent Singularity.” Then, you can maximize her Q ability, “Light Binding.” Finally, you should put points in her Ultimate whenever possible.


There are a few different ways to counter the effects of Lux, which you should know if you want to survive. First, learn how to counter the effects of his ultimate, where the area-effect shield can make your team’s life miserable. Secondly, learn how to counter his slow and root abilities. Finally, learn how to counter his ultimate by using a summoner or champion that counters the effect.

As a mage, your mid-level build will mainly focus on increasing damage output. You’ll want to equip the Luden’s Echo passive effect for extra magic damage and poking, as well as Ionian Boots of Lucidity for increased mobility and reduced summoner cooldowns. You should also get Stasis Enchant for protection from burst damage combos. Finally, you’ll need a summoner spell, such as Flash.


Unlike most other champions, Lux does not have a high cooldown, and can quickly deal a lot of damage. However, the damage she can deal can be minimized by using her passive. Most Lux builds build their passive to have a 40% cooldown reduction, which means they can keep dealing a lot of damage. This is especially useful during team fights, where Lux can lock down an area and do tons of damage. In addition, she has powerful zone control abilities, including her Final Spark, which has a red targeting beam.

A good way to counter the lux champ is to use your champion’s root and slow to get as far away as possible. This allows you to avoid a Lux ult and counterganks. However, if you’re unable to get away from the champion, you can use shielding items against it.

Banshee’s Veil

Banshee’s Veil is a legendary item found in League of Legends. Its original stats were designed to make it a tank’s defensive item, but a recent update made it more suitable for mid laners. It keeps the passive blocking ability, but has been adjusted to provide better protection from pickoffs. The item’s mana and health are now higher than the normal levels, and it now has a longer shield refresh time.

Banshee’s Veil is an ideal counter to Lux. This item gives her protection and Spellshield, while also providing her with good Ability Power and Magic Resistance stats. Furthermore, it provides good mana regeneration. This spell shield can be used to counter Lux’s high mana requirements. Banshee’s Veil can also be used to heal yourself once you’ve taken damage from Lux.


Soraka is a support champion in League of Legends. In expert hands, Soraka ranks 27th out of all champions. Soraka can only summon 50 summoners per region. However, she has a better win rate when using the top item sets. Her best items are Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, and Redemption.

As an enchanter support champion, Soraka excels at healing and keeping her team alive. Her only weakness is her low health, which means she loses health whenever she heals an ally. She also loses health when she heals an enemy champion with Astral Infusion. The best way to counter this is to keep a carry alive.