League of Legends Machine Gun Replica

Fans of the hit League of Legends game have made their own versions of the machine gun Pow-Pow. The replicas are made from cardboard and weigh seven pounds. The creators used acrylic paints and spent 90 hours to complete the project. The finished Pow-Pow can be found in the Netflix animated series Arcane.

Pow-Pow is Jinx’s machine gun

The Pow-Pow is a machine gun in League of Legends that is popular with the Arcane faction. This machine gun features three rotating barrels, a shoulder strap, and a handle to stabilize the gun. A Reddit user created this replica of the Pow-Pow in just 90 hours. The replica weighs seven pounds and was made of cardboard and acrylics. Despite its size, it is surprisingly accurate, and fans are raving about it.

Jinx uses a machine gun called the Pow-Pow. This weapon can be stacked up to three times, allowing Jinx to use it more effectively. When equipped, the Pow-Pow increases Jinx’s attack speed by 50%. In addition, it increases his basic attacks by 75/100/125/150/175. It also deals full damage to any enemy nearby. During a match, Jinx can also use his shock pistol to fire a long range shot.

Jinx is a genius inventor. He enjoys causing chaos and mayhem. He has dabbled in shimmer, which has changed his appearance and altered his mental state. This also may have affected his physical strength. It is unclear if Jinx is still in League of Legends, but his inventions have made him a popular and likable character in the game.

As a ranged AD Carry marksman, Jinx thrives on chaos. He has a variety of overcharged weapons and excels at killing his opponents with brutal damage. As a result, he is very versatile and can easily switch between his two primary weapons.