League of Legends Mafia Jinx

League of Legends Mafia Jinx is a new hero that combines the old world with the modern world. This rogue class is ideal for players who enjoy vintage styles. This hero has a variety of features, including a new dance and recall. She also comes with a minigun that she can use to offset the cannon she can carry on her back. She also has a fine skin and a unique style that will appeal to fans of vintage styles.


Mafia Jinx is a new character in the League of Legends, and she has some nice additions. For one, she has a new dance move. Also, her cello case can turn into a minigun, a nice offset to the cannon she carries on her back. She has a pretty good skin, too, which should appeal to fans of vintage looks.

One of the main drawbacks to playing this champion is that she has no real ganking skills. However, she does have one of the highest single-target DPS of any carry in the game. She also has a very interesting hair color, and she also has an unmistakable personality. If you can learn to overcome her flaws, you can have a great game with her.


The new Mafia Jinx skin has a stylish new look, with an updated dance and recall. The splash art is pleasing to look at with its cartoon-like style and metal details. Despite being a relatively simple piece of art, it succeeds in showing off Jinx’s character and heart. Fans of vintage style will also love the style of this skin, as it brings a 1920s feel to the character.

The new artwork focuses on Jinx’s unique style and appearance. She has long legs, a lean body and a playful expression. Although she lacks a rocket launcher, she is still a powerful character with a weapon that can shoot down enemies. However, her face is very odd looking and the ice shards look out of place in her hair.


If you’re looking for a new skin to play as, there are several options for you to choose from. Mafia Jinx is a popular choice for players who enjoy playing characters that feature beautiful, vibrant colors. However, she lacks in the textures department, which makes it difficult to get her desired look. Other options include Firecracker Jinx, which features striking sounds and a Chinese-themed look.

The Star Guardian Jinx is another skin that adapts perfectly to Jinx’s personality. This skin is youthful and passionate. It also includes some exciting features like the ability to transform your weapons into familiars. For example, Shiro represents Jinx’s minigun, and Kuro represents her rocket launcher. This skin perfectly complements Jinx’s mischievous personality and oozes with style. It also contains several notable particles, sounds, and animations. The price for this skin is 1820 RP.


The League of Legends Mafia Jinx’s new animations and model have been released. Jinx is a lean character with long limbs and a smile on her face. Her background is very chaotic, but the lack of burning elements makes it an interesting choice. The lighting is also very simple and flat.

The Mafia Jinx is a character with a flair for chaos and explosions. The new animations and dance are sure to appeal to fans of vintage-style characters. Her outfit is a mix of vintage-style and modern-day fashions. She wears fingerless gloves and a pearl necklace.

Roaring Twenties style

Mafia Jinx is a 1920s-inspired fighter who can transport your champion into the Prohibition Era. She’s a riotous character with a flare for style, and her outfit is a throwback to the days of flappers. Her pearl necklace and fingerless gloves add a whimsical touch to her look. But the price tag is a bit steep.

Although she has a very unique personality, Jinx has a reputation for destruction. She has several different t-shirts, some of them with eye-catching designs. One of her t-shirts features a zombie face inside a prohibition sign. Another t-shirt features the phrase “Die Zombie Die!”

Powerful auto-attacks

Known for her powerful auto-attacks, Jinx is a ruthless Zaun criminal who loves to wreak havoc wherever she goes. She has a wide arsenal of deadly weapons, including her ultimate. Whenever she uses her ability, it explodes, causing huge damage to her enemies nearby. Her other abilities are meant to keep enemies at bay, such as Zap!, which causes damage to enemies, and Flame Chompers, which roots an enemy in place.

Anime-like lines

Jinx’s anime-like lines are evident in her designs, and her soft colours add a realistic feel to her surface. While she lacks the full look of a magical girl, her ponytails twirl with whimsy. Her face is full of spontaneity, even though the line she draws to her right arm is blurred.