League of Legends Magic Penetration Tips

There are several tips for magic penetration in League of Legends. By knowing the different types of magic, you can understand how your champion will deal damage and what items to use to maximize the effects. Here are a few of them: lethality, giant slayer, executioner, and void staff.


Lethality of magic penetration is a new stat introduced in League of Legends, replacing the outdated Flat Armor Penetration. This new stat plays a crucial role in the game, since it allowed champions to’snowball’ their way to victory. It’s often found on Assassins and some support characters.

Lethality works in two ways. First, it increases damage when struck by physical damage. This means that you’ll deal more damage to enemies who have lower armor, such as squishes and savages. Secondly, lethality decreases armor by -12, and it can even go into negative numbers. If you’re using Lethality in the early game, you’ll want to avoid attacking enemies with armor that’s higher than yours.

Giant Slayer

The best way to improve your Magic Penetration in League of Legends is by learning the basics of champions and their abilities. Learn the damage done by each champion and what items will help you do it. There are also guides and tutorials to increase your Magic Penetration.

Each champion starts with zero magic penetration. You can increase it through items, runes, or champion abilities. The more MR your champion has, the less damage it takes from magic. For example, a champion with 100 MR will take 50% less damage. A champion with 150 MR will take 15% less damage from magic attacks.


If you’ve ever played the Executioner in League of Legends, you know what a powerful character he is. His unique ax and massive attack damage make him an ideal character to bring into a team. He also excels in trades. However, his skills have their limits. Luckily, there are ways to make him more effective.

Void Staff

The Void Staff is a legendary item for League of Legends. It is a great item to have because of its percent magic penetration. It was also called Zetta’s Manastick in the past. However, the current version of the staff has a lower magic penetration and a lower ability power. Also, its unique magic penetration passive is changed to Dissolve, so it will apply before flat magic penetration.

Magic Penetration is the percentage of your damage done by magic. This number will increase with items, runes, and champion abilities. The more penetration you have, the higher your damage will be. In League of Legends, a champion will start with a 0 Magic Penetration. This number increases with champion abilities, runes, and items, and is multiplied by their percentage. However, this doesn’t matter if the champion has magic resistance.

Lethality’s AP

Lethality is a scaling damage stat that increases a champion’s physical damage. It has the added benefit of reducing an opponent’s armor while dealing damage. While this trait works best for DPS, it can also be used for tanking. In fact, it’s a good idea to mix it up and use it with various champions to maximize the damage that can be done. The AP from Lethality can be used to boost other skills and equipment in addition to damage.

Lethality’s AP in League Of Legends is calculated by dividing lethality’s base damage by the player’s level. This way, players will know how much damage to deal to enemies with low-health. For example, when a champion has low health, it’s best to use its skill Cheap Shot. This skill is extremely useful in laning, as it will increase the amount of damage you can do to targets with low-HP.

Flat magic penetration

In League of Legends, flat magic penetration is calculated after a character’s armor penetration is calculated. This is helpful for recognizing damage your champion deals and understanding what items to use to counter this damage. It is also helpful for transitioning from one style of play to another. In League of Legends, flat magic penetration is a great option when starting out with a new class.

As the name suggests, flat magic penetration works by reducing a target’s magic resistance by a certain percentage. Unlike percent penetration, flat magic penetration stacks additively, meaning that a 20-percent magic penetration effect will treat a target as having 20 fewer magic resistance than they actually have. However, this flat magic penetration effect will not affect any other values.

Percentage magic penetration

Magic penetration in League of Legends is a stat that determines how effective a champion’s magic attacks are against a particular target. This can be increased through champion abilities, runes, and items. Increasing your magic penetration will help you deal more damage to your enemy. This is an important skill for a good League of Legends gamer.

Magic penetration in League of Legends works by taking the health of the target into consideration. The percentage can range from 0 to 20 percent, depending on the type of champion you are playing. A certain item, such as the Obsidian Shard, will grant you an additional 1.75 magic penetration.