League of Legends Maokai Build Guide


For any Maokai build, a Morellonomicon is an absolute must-have. The Morellonomicon can sustain almost all damage and gives your opponents no option. It is also the best choice for your third item. Make sure to craft it before you take Demonic Embrace or any other tier three item.

In the early game, it is very important to maintain bush control to prevent enemy teams from killing you. It also helps to use champions that have skillshots, since these will let you peel up a lot of enemies. This is especially important in early-game lag.

Sunfire Cape

As the top defense item in League of Legends Wild Rift, the Sunfire Cape is a fantastic item to equip on your Makai character. It adds 400 health and 40 armor to the wearer. It also grants the player the ability to use Immolate, a passive ability that deals 25-40 magic damage every second. This ability also grants the wearer 50% more damage when used against monsters and minions.

This aegis will boost your power in battles, but it’s not a good choice for squishy Champions. Your opponents won’t be able to ignore it, and your team will benefit from this by making you appear more intimidating and supportive.

Mercury’s Treads

Mercury’s Treads are the single best boots for Maokai, and they give the champion extra resistance against crowd control effects. This build also makes good use of Demonic Embrace, the Maokai’s first offensive purchase. This item adds another source of burning down enemies, and its passive skill allows the Maokai to drain an enemy champion within seconds.

Mercury’s Treads are also great defensive boots for Maokai. They help reduce the duration of crowd control, which is crucial for a Maokai. If you have a heavy AP composition, Mercury’s Treads should be your primary boots. If you’re playing against a team with no tank-heavy AP champions, you’ll be better served with Ninja Tabi or Swiftness.


In League of Legends (LoL), the ability to unflinch is an excellent way to increase your tenacity. There are a number of items, abilities, and runes you can equip that will increase your tenacity. Among these are summoner spells like Cleanse, which increases your tenacity by 65% for 3 seconds. This is useful when you’re being affected by multiple stuns and crowd control.

Bone Plating

Bone plating is a powerful skill in League of Legends. It gives the Maokai a survivability bonus and reduces enemy champion damage. This ability can be secondary or primary, depending on your preference. While Demolish and Font of Life are great options for supporting your team, they are also weak and are not as effective as Bone Plating.

Maokai can activate Aftershock keystone through Q and W, or by using its ultimate. The keystone boosts the Maokai’s tankiness, allowing her to heal herself and allies. This ability is best used early game, when enemy champions are unable to heal themselves. In addition to boosting the Maokai’s tankiness and healing, she can also act as a team launcher.

Bramble Smash

A Maokai build with Bramble Smash is a strong choice for supporting the Maokai in League of Legends. This ability enables the Maokai to push enemies closer to their team, disrupt their ability to channel, and deal magic damage. It also has a low cooldown, making it a good choice for support.

For this build to be effective, the Maokai must also have the following items: Imperial Mandate, Dead Man’s Plate, and Bulwark of the Mountain. These items make the Maokai more mobile and enable it to avoid key abilities and root opponents. Sapling Toss is another essential item, but should be saved for late game. As Sapling Toss is quite mana intensive, it is best to save it for later in the game. It is important to prioritize the items in this build so that it can have maximum benefits.

Stealth Ward

Maokai has one unique ward that enables him to be completely invisible. He can also place a control ward. It’s a powerful ward that can be used from a distance and can be used to disable stealth wards. It’s also useful for clearing vision to set traps and objectives, or for protection against ganks.

Maokai’s abilities have been updated to make them more effective at supporting other teams. Their abilities now have lower mana costs and damage, and they’ve been changed to increase their disruption. They also have a new ability called Saplings, which slows enemies and gives them damage. They also have a lower cooldown so that they’re not constantly ganked.