League of Legends Meteos

Meteos is an American professional League of Legends player. He has played for a number of teams over the years, including Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, and FlyQuest. While with Cloud9, he won two NA LCS titles and appeared in every split. Meteos is widely known as a savvy and aggressive player.

Cloud9’s William “Meteos” Hartman

William “Meteos” Hartman is a veteran League of Legends player who has recently returned to the competitive scene. After stepping away from the scene, he helped Cloud9’s new roster to a third place finish during the Summer Split of 2016. He was the highest-ranked jungler in the league with a KDA of 6.7 and helped the team qualify for the World Championship.

Before taking a long break from competitive play, Meteos developed a cult following and his Twitch following has skyrocketed. He regularly draws 20,000+ viewers to his livestreams. Although Meteos is not currently playing competitively, he is often seen playing alongside C9 teammates. Despite his absence from competitive play, he has maintained a positive attitude toward his current life.

Meteos is an experienced jungler who has been a staple in the league for nearly five years. Previously, he played for 100 Thieves and was one of the best junglers in the league. The meta favored junglers this year, and Meteos would gladly join a team that fit his needs. He has the potential to take Cloud9 to the Worlds if he demonstrates the potential of his talents.

Meteos’ success as a high pressure Jungler

Meteos has become a renowned high pressure Jungler in League of Legends. His style is based on timing enemy buffs, baron calls and dragon ganks. He is known for his uncanny ability to solo dragons early and uncontested. He is also known for his sneaking abilities. His team relies on him as their main shot-caller and ganker.

Unlike other high pressure Junglers, Meteos is able to survive high pressure situations without much of a change in his game style. His early game style has changed a little, but his strategy remains the same. He still picks a strong jungler in the current meta. However, he struggles early game against LirA’s Elise. LirA’s Elise outfarmed Meteos and had a big impact on his lanes.

Meteos’ style has not been as easy as it seems. He spent a lot of time in normal games before joining a ranked team. The atmosphere in ranked games is much different from the one in normal games. There are fewer penalties for mistakes, and the focus is on learning and experimentation, which is healthy for players. It’s not that players should not pursue the competitive drive in normal games, but they should avoid pushing in ranked games if they’re not prepared for it.

Meteos’ apology for his Twitter outburst

League of legends meteos’ Twitter outburst caused a lot of controversy after he was benched from 100 Thieves. In his tweets, Meteos expressed his displeasure at being benched, accusing his team’s coaching staff of not informing him of his decision. He claimed that people outside the organization knew best what was best for the team. His tweets sparked a backlash from fans. One fan, Broxyah, called Meteos out during a live stream.

After the outburst, Meteos has since been benched and placed on the 100 Thieves Academy. He was also offered the chance to split time with the up-and-coming Kenvi, but he turned it down. Regardless, Meteos is still determined to compete in League of Legends, but is unsure of what the future holds.

Meteos hasn’t played well at all this split, and his team has been losing to top teams. Despite his poor performance in the split, Meteos has been consistently ranked in the bottom quarter of LCS junglers.