League of Legends Mid Guide – Assassin LeBlanc


In Week 2, the Rogue was off to a perfect 3-0 start but was quickly smacked by the top teams. They quickly figured out that bot lane priority is everything, and punished the Rogue’s aggressive play. Teams like TES and DRX have a much better game plan than the Rogue. However, they are still a top contender in the mid game.


If you want to be a top Assassin in League of Legends, you should start with the right strategy. Typically, Assassins will get into teamfights off of the flank or side, a beat or two behind their team. You can use your low level auto attacks and burst abilities to harass your opponents.


Shadowflame is one of the legendary items in League of Legends. This legendary item offers 2MR shift that increases the damage you do to your enemies. It is also great for dealing with squishy opponents. This makes this legendary item a solid choice for single-AP threat compositions. However, it is recommended to use this legendary item carefully when facing opponents with high magic resistance.

Le Blanc

Le Blanc is an explicitly mid-lane champion with some top-lane flexibility. Though he is also capable of top-lane play, LeBlanc is best used as an off-brand support in favourable mid-lane matchups. LeBlanc’s gold requirement makes him less useful outside of cheese lanes.


Kai’Sa is one of the more popular mid lane champions, but you need to know how to play her correctly. You can’t just spam items and get away with it. You need to manage your wave and freeze enemies to farm. You can’t just go in and slam down enemy heroes because you can’t break enemy freezes without the help of a jungler.

Le Blanc vs AP

A LeBlanc Build will help you deal Magic damage in season 12. This build will focus on building items that maximize AP brust damage. To build this build, you need to start with the Morellonomicon, which will grant you Health and Ability Power. This rune also has a Grevious Wounds effect, which significantly reduces your opponent’s healing by 60%.

Le Blanc vs AP vs AP

In League of Legends (LoL) Mid Guide: LeBlanc is a mid laner with good ganking potential. However, her weaknesses are also apparent. She is very squishy and vulnerable to hard crowd controls and focus. She also can’t burst down a carry. Additionally, she can’t be tricked by mimics. While a mimic can be useful as a shield against certain abilities, it also wastes her ultimates. On the positive side, she can gank even when not in her lane.

Support mages

In League of Legends, there are many types of support mages, ranging from those that can be used in an easy mid lane to those who are more complex. This guide covers champions that are easy to play, as well as some tips for playing the more complicated mages.


In League of Legends, an Assassin is a class that specializes in securing kills and roaming the map. They have a ranged advantage and grow much stronger than their marksman counterparts. This class should be considered when looking for a mid guide.