League of Legends MVPs

In November 2015, MVP announced their return to League of Legends with a new roster of relatively unknown players. Unlike in previous seasons, MVP is more comfortable supporting a party than a single target, which makes the team an ideal choice for those who aren’t familiar with their abilities.


Inspired was able to lead EG to victory in the Play-in. He led his team to a decisive 8/4/33 scoreline, giving the team its first Worlds appearance. Inspired also managed to achieve a KDA of 10.3, the highest of any player. This KDA led the entire competition.

Inspired won the MVP award by beating out Cloud9 bot laner Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol, 100 Thieves top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, and his teammate Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki. His incredible performance this split helped EG become one of the favorites in the 2022 World Championship.

Tian ‘Smoothie’ Ta

Andy ‘Smoothie’ Ta is an esports League of Legends MVP. He currently plays as a support for Evil Geniuses Academy. Smoothie hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He joined Team Dragon Knights in February 2015. In the NACS Spring Season, his team finished second. In the playoffs, they beat Team Fusion but lost to Enemy. They then moved on to the Summer Promotion Tournament, where they beat Winterfox 3-1. With this win, they qualified for the NA LCS Summer Split.

Smoothie began the summer season on a temporary contract with Cloud9. He started out alternating turns with Bunny FuFuu, but became a full-time starter after the seventh week. During the summer split, Cloud9 matched their spring record with a 12-6 record, earning them the third seed for the playoffs. Smoothie helped Cloud9 defeat Immortals and Team EnVyUs. However, in the Regional Finals, the team fell to TSM 3-0, ending their season in second place. This also secured the team a spot in the World Championship for the fourth consecutive year.

Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho

Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-Ho has won the MVP award for the Summer 2021 LCK. The Korean esports player had a great summer, accumulating seven Poppy bans during the playoffs and having a huge impact in Game 2 of the LCK finals. This season, Peanut rediscovered his form and led the Nongshim Redforce to their second straight playoff appearance.

Peanut, who is still young, is still a top tier player. He has more international tournament wins ahead of him. With his newfound teammate Smeb, Peanut has found his soul mate and has developed into a balanced player.

Andy ‘Smoothie’ Ta

Andy ‘Smoothie’ is one of the most consistent players in the game. He has risen through the ranks of the LCS to become one of the top supports. He’s also one of the best playmakers in the LCS. His playmaking abilities have made him a top candidate for MVP of the Summer Split.

He was also a contender for the MVP award during the 2018 Spring Split. If he’d won it, he would have become the first support to do so in the NA LCS. Throughout the spring split, he played superbly for C9, and the decision to bench him was very confusing to many fans. As a result, Smoothie was put under a lot of stress.

Smoothie ‘Alistar’ Ta

Smoothie has an impressive skill set that enables him to dictate matches. His support has also been among the most consistent in North America. While his disqualification from Cloud9 was an eye-opening experience, he’s now even more confident and focused than ever before.

Smoothie’s play in the LCS has grown considerably, and his emergence as a play-maker has elevated his ceiling for the future. He’s a top-tier play-maker with a lot of potential, and is a natural MVP candidate for the Summer Split. However, his confidence hasn’t been fully developed yet, and his emergence is not guaranteed to result in an MVP award.

Keria ‘Alistar’ Ta

Keria ‘Alistar’ Ta is one of the best players in League of Legends. She topped the MVP voting with a perfect split, finishing with over 2,000 assists. She also led her team to a perfect season, finishing with a 47% First Blood percentage. She has a huge amount of statistics to back up her MVP claim, including a 227 gold differential at 10 minutes and 195 damage per minute.

Since the beginning of the 2019 Spring Split, junglers and mid laners have dominated the MVP voting, so it’s not surprising to see a support player earn the award. She’s the first LCK support to win the award, and she’ll be back on the LCK stage next month for the second-round playoff match. The LCK Spring Split will begin on March 23.

Inspired ‘Tian’ Ting

Inspired ‘Tian’ Ting, born Tian-Liang, is a Chinese esports player who plays as a jungler for Top Esports. He is only 13 years old and has already achieved Diamond 1 in the Chinese super server. He was inspired to join the professional league after watching Clearlove win the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. The PDD organization noticed his potential and offered him a spot with the Young Miracles.

Tian Ting is a good jungler with good AOE and good CC. His ult is also an excellent move and can turn the tides in a team fight. As a tank, he doesn’t put out huge amounts of damage but is still effective in team fights.