League of Legends NA LCS Finals

League of Legends fans are frustrated with the performances of their favorite LCS teams at the World Championship. The games seem to go well in the early game, but then things begin to go wrong and the teams force plays, leading to gold deficits and losses. In one stream, fan Tyler1 expressed his frustration.

100 Thieves

In the League of Legends NA LCS Finals, 100 Thieves defeated Evil Geniuses in five games to win the lower bracket championship. This was the team’s second consecutive title, and they did so in front of a packed United Center. The victory marked the eighth series to go the full distance in the North American playoffs.

Against the top teams in the NA LCS, 100 Thieves were able to establish a clear point of engagement. During the first two games, Bjergsen put on a clinic, racking up five kills and 22 assists. His game-winning call to backdoor Team Liquid’s Nexus is especially notable, and he’s consistently spoken for the team in interviews.

Despite their early season struggles, 100 Thieves had a good run in the NA LCS Finals. The team faced two major opponents in the tournament – C9 and Evil Geniuses. After an inconsistent playoff run, 100T was a major underdog against C9. Their lineup consisted of the same core, with Felix Braun and Can Celik playing the majority of the games.

Evil Geniuses

The second-seeded Evil Geniuses are back in the League of Legends: North America LCS finals. The team won the Spring Split and represented NA at MSI. It also took first place in the Summer Season and battled through the lower bracket of the Playoffs to reach the finals. They face 100Theives in the lower Finals on Saturday, and will have a tough battle to defend their title.

The team is still missing star AD carry Danny, who had stepped down from the team before the Finals weekend in Chicago to focus on his mental health. To replace Danny, EG turned to Academy ADC Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” Senturk. The 21-year-old Turkish player has been a standout player in the Academy scene.

EG was able to keep their teamfights going by playing slow scaling in lanes and locking in teamfights. In addition, EG’s Danny was able to hit everyone, including 100T’s lane carry. The team’s ADC, Jojopyun, played a superb game as well.


Cloud9 continued their miraculous season after a difficult start in the LCS, beating their storied rivals Team SoloMid in dramatic fashion. The team’s star player, Blaber, is a top-tier talent who leads a balanced team. He’s also a strong playmaker in the top lane who isn’t afraid to carry. Cloud9 will now advance to the League of Legends NA LCS finals in Oakland.

Cloud9’s LCS championship run has been incredible, claiming the LCS 2022 title. After a year that was littered with controversies, roster changes, and role swaps, Cloud9 has finally emerged victorious. The team’s win in the grand final caps a historic season for the League of Legends North America.

Cloud9 has a rich history and a culture that promotes peak performance and teamwork. As such, the team’s performance in the LCS has grown exponentially. This is evident in their recent triumphs, including their appearance in the World Championships Quarterfinals. The team is also a part of the Cloud9 family.

Istanbul Wildcats

Istanbul Wildcats competed under the name HWA Gaming before becoming a team sponsored by DenizBank. Their name is derived from the bank, which sponsors the team. The players’ entire tenure with the team is displayed, as is their status upon departure, whether they were substitutes or regulars.

The Wildcats qualified for the finals by winning the TCL Summer Playoffs. With their win, the Istanbul Wildcats will now participate in the play-in stage of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. During this stage, the Wildcats will face other teams from lesser regions. The Wildcats have qualified for three of the last four international League events, including Worlds in 2018 and the Mid Season Invitational in Korea.