League of Legends New Dragons – Hextech Dragon Soul, Chemtech Rift, Malzahar, and Scryer’s Bloom

If you’re looking for some new dragons to play in League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on Hextech Dragon Soul, Chemtech Rift, Cloud Dragon, and Malzahar. These are all awesome new dragons that can help you dominate the game.

Hextech Dragon Soul

Hextech Dragon Soul is a powerful item that you can equip on your dragon. It gives you a special effect that gives you true damage, and it is also useful for teamfights. It is similar to the death passive of Sion, but it also gives you the chance to use items and abilities, which makes teamfights easier. The Hextech Dragon Soul feels more powerful and makes it possible for your team to outlast its opponents.

This item also grants additional haste and attack speed, which are great if you’re planning to use it for speed. Hextech Dragons also have Hextech Gates, which let you teleport to different places on the map quickly.

Chemtech Rift

The recent LEC broadcasts have brought up a debate about the Chemtech Rift. One player, Daniel “Drakos,” made a joke about it during the broadcast. Another player, Erik “Treatz” Wessen, has expressed his disdain for the concept. Team Vitality jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, however, enjoys using the Chemtech Rift during solo queue, although he believes that the concept is detrimental to pro play.

In response to this criticism, Riot has decided to change the Chemtech Rift, making it more balanced and aesthetically pleasing. The Chemtech Rift will now feature more Scryer’s Bloom plants, which will add variety to the rift and make it a more interesting place to play. However, the Chemtech Rift will probably take some time to make the changes that Riot has promised.

Cloud Dragon

The recent patch has a few changes for the Cloud Dragon, and these changes are mostly related to its stats. First off, the Cloud Dragon no longer grants the Ultimate Ability Haste. Instead, it now grants +3.5% Out of Combat Move Speed and Slow Resistance. While the Cloud Soul still grants 10% movement speed, it only works after you’ve cast your ultimate.

Another change is the addition of the Infernal Drake. This dragon deals damage similar to the Cloud Dragon but in larger bursts. As a result, it’s good for laners who have trouble moving around the map. It also helps against grouped teams. The downside of the Infernal Drake is that it requires you to move away from your allies to activate its buffs.


A mid-range dragon, Malzahar can spawn multiple Voidlings and deal substantial damage to enemies. He also has the ability to spawn Malefic Visions, which multiply as enemies are hit. Having three or more Voidlings can help you clear a map quickly. The Voidlings can be useful for teamfights, too, as their silences, skillshot-blocks, and suppress abilities can make the difference between victory or failure in a teamfight.

As a Seer, Malzahar has a zealous nature and believes that the newly emerging Void is Runeterra’s salvation. In order to learn more about the Void, Malzahar follows the voices in his mind to ancient Icathia, where he gazed deep into the Void and gained a new power. Malzahar also sees himself as a shepherd, as he is able to release voidling creatures.

Scryer’s Bloom

Scryer’s Bloom is a magical plant with one Health and one range. Players can use Scryer’s Bloom to ward off enemies and reveal nearby plants. Its effect only lasts a few seconds and is immune to critical strikes, life steal, and other spells. It spawns as an inactive seed, and takes 60 seconds to become active. During this time, you will need to avoid getting ambushed by enemies.

The first thing to keep in mind when using Scryer’s Bloom is that it can only grow in certain quadrants of a map, and there is a limit to how many of them can exist in one area. For example, two Scryer’s Blooms can exist in a quadrant of the jungle, but only one Scryer’s Bloom can exist in the other quadrant. On the other hand, two Honeyfruits can coexist in either half of a river. In addition, the respawn time depends on the type of plant you are farming and the location. In general, it can take between five minutes and seven minutes.

Blast Cone

In Dragon League of Legends, the Blast Cone is an important tool in your arsenal of melee weapons. Its blast radius is twice as large as the normal cone and it also gives your teammates double the damage. Its new special move also allows you to blast an enemy champion twice as far. It is useful for dealing with champions who are using wards, as it makes them vulnerable to your attacks.

Players should keep this in mind when setting up their build. The usual precautions apply, like setting up a sweeper trinket to clear enemy wards and controlling areas with control wards. However, the new additions require new considerations. You can choose from a variety of plant plans, but each one has its limitations.

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