League of Legends Odyssey Jinx Build Guide

AP and off-tank build for jinx in odyssey

The AP and off-tank build for Jinx in League of Legends Odyssey has proven to be one of the most devastating strategies for Jinx. She can spam her augmented abilities off cooldown and has some of the best damage in the game. This build also features the most unique augments, which make it a great choice for Jinx.

There are four different difficulty levels in League of Legends Odyssey. One of the hardest is Onslaught, which can be extremely frustrating for even the most experienced League player. The other two are Onslaught and Extraction. You’ll have to use your wits to survive and collect the most Ora to progress to the next round.

Ora is lifeblood for every civilization in the odyssey universe

The Demaxian Empire, spanning the galaxy, has made it a priority to harness Ora, the golden lifeblood of all mighty creatures. This precious substance is the fuel for every civilization in the Odyssey universe and grants its possessors unimaginable powers. Access to Ora is regulated by the Ancient Templar Order, led by Karma and Sona.

Players must gather Ora to purchase upgrades and equipment. Players should also collect Lifebeads, which replenish mana and health. Goldbeads, on the other hand, provide buffs and cooldown reductions. The Orabead unlocks augments and is dropped by enemies.

The Morning Star is a ship whose name was coined by its former owner. It was heavily modified by Jinx, but she is unable to hold a proper job. A secret organization called the Templar Order hides ancient knowledge of Ora. Another omnicidal hive-mind assassin, Zed, is an ex-Templar who wants to destroy every lesser being in the universe.

Fishbones increases attack range

Fishbones are a new item that gives Jinx increased attack range and speed. They can be used every time you launch a basic attack, up to three times. They also make your basic attacks deal bonus damage. Fishbones will cost you mana per attack, but you can use them on enemy champions. They can also be used to rocket jump and slow down your enemy.

Fishbones will increase the range of your attack, but you have to use them quickly and carefully, otherwise they won’t be very effective. They also increase your damage by 30%. You can use them on enemies in all directions, including behind you.

During the early game, Jinx is a big threat to Tristana. It’s vital to take advantage of this. A good way to take advantage of Tristana’s lack of damage is to take her down. This way, you can make your opponents pay for overaggression.

Zap slows more

When it comes to the Jinx build, there are many options available for her skills. However, there are a few key areas to focus on. In general, you should focus on Flame Chompers, Zap, and Switcheroo. The ultimate is also an important skill to focus on, so ensure that you unlock it and increase its power when it is available. However, you shouldn’t forget about Jinx’s other skills, as they are just as important.

The Jinx build is most effective when playing at the early game. This is because she is weaker early on, so you should use her auto-attacks and Switcheroo! to maneuver around and avoid enemy CC. You can also use Zap and Flame Chompers to trap enemies and orchestrate an escape.

The Jinx build focuses on utilizing the damage dealer abilities of her character. While it won’t give you a ton of damage right away, it’ll be more than enough to last for the long run. The ability to CS and poke from long range is another great feature of this build.