league of legends one for all best champs

There are several meta champions in League of Legends: One for All, but some stand out more than others. In this article, we will look at Darius, Ahri, Seraphine, and Senna. These champions are popular in the meta because of their unique abilities and their abilities to scale.


The early game is Darius’ strong suit, and he can be used to pick off enemies and take them down. His two main abilities are Decimate, which heals champions and applies a stack of passive, and Apprehend, which pulls enemy champions. Getting all five stacks of these abilities will increase Darius’ attack damage.

Darius is a jack of all trades. He can deal damage and use Summoner Spells in a number of ways. Flash-Ignite gives him extra damage, and Flash-Ghost mitigates the fact that he is weak on mobility. Flash-Ghost also provides him with great tools to escape and chase down opponents. His teleport makes him a good choice for team-oriented Top Laners.


Seraphine is a champion that’s very difficult to play against. Her weakness is that she’s squishy and difficult to deal with. Luckily, she has some strong traits that make her a great choice for teamfights.

Seraphine was born to Zaunite parents in Piltover. She was able to hear the souls of others, and she also had the ability to sing back to the sounds in the world. She was drowned in noise as a child, and she learned to turn the chaos of the world into beautiful music. She performed for the sister cities of the world, reminding people that they are not alone, and their potential is limitless.


The most important thing to remember while playing Senna is that she’ll always buy items that give her AD and other stats. As such, it’s important to keep stacks of these items around. One way to do this is to team up with a jungler during mid-game and collect stacks from jungle camps. In addition, Senna’s passive is quite useful for stacking.

Senna’s passive abilities allow her to heal her allies and support champions. She can also use her spectral laser, which deals massive amounts of damage and heals all allied champions in a line. Senna also has a Q and an ultimate, Redemption, which gives her a semi-global heal that is especially useful in teamfights.


If you’re looking for one of the most unique champions in League of Legends, you may want to try Jhin. While he doesn’t have the highest damage output, he has a variety of great abilities and is one of the easiest champions to play. For instance, he has a very unique mechanic – he can auto-attack with 4 shots to four different targets. This is great for winning the bottom lane and dealing damage to enemies.

Jhin’s dialogue is also very interesting, as he frequently talks to himself during gameplay. He will sometimes threaten his enemies with the phrase, “You’ll learn what beauty truly is.” His ultimate “Curtain Call” plays symphonic music, both to the player and the enemies. This gives the player a good sense of what Jhin is thinking and how he feels about the world.


One of the oldest and most popular champions in League of Legends, Swain has gone through a lot of changes and reworks over the years. He was originally introduced to the game as a battlemage in the Summoner’s Rift expansion. Throughout his career, he’s undergone a number of changes, including a full rework in Season 8 and a mini rework in Season 12.

While most players have a general idea of what they’d like Swain to be, the champion is a lot more versatile than that. He can play a support role, or he can go solo. This allows him to be very versatile, and it also gives him a unique fantasy.