League of Legends Patch 11.12 Release Date

One of the oldest champions in League of Legends is getting his first major update in the next patch. Riot has revamped his visuals, abilities, and kit, and it should be worth checking out if you’ve been playing him. The reworked Dr. Mundo is not too much of a change, as those who have played him before will have a good idea of what to expect.

Dr. Mundo’s abilities have been changed

Dr. Mundo has seen some rework in the latest League of Legends patch 11.12. Now, he can ignore immobilizing effects. Additionally, he can now pick up a chemical cannister and have it regenerate some of his maximum health. The ability now also has a 15-second cooldown and resets on respawning. In addition, his bonus attack damage has been increased by a certain percentage of his health.

Mundo’s abilities have been altered as well. This new rework is meant to bring the character closer to the League of Legends environment of 2021. While the Q and R abilities were barely changed, Mundo’s E and W abilities were revamped. The E now sends the target flying and deals damage while the W ends with magic damage. These changes are intended to make Mundo more of a scaler and late game hero.

Dr. Mundo’s kit has also been updated to better fit the modern League of Legends game-style. The new abilities allow him to deal more damage and slow down enemy champions. His passive also provides immunity to CC. His Q, Infected Bonesaw, will still remain the same as before. But his new W, Heart Zapper, will allow him to heal a percentage of his HP.

Dr. Mundo’s abilities have been changed in League of Legends patch 11.12 release date. He will now have a NEW JUNGLER and NEW ASSASSIN. These abilities will be available on June 10th.

Rageblade’s cost has been reduced

In this patch, the cost of Rageblade has been lowered by 200 gold, which is a huge reduction. This change will make it easier to item rush and use the champion to take down your opponents. It could also make Vayne a more viable top-tier pick again, since he will be less expensive. If a team composition has more tanky members, this change could make Vayne the better choice.

The base AD of Rageblade has been increased by 18/26/34/42/50%. In addition, the cooldown of E has been lowered by two seconds, making it easier to play against Champions. Its damage has also been increased by 10% per stack.

Another change that has been made to Rageblade’s price is its effect on the caster’s health. It no longer causes a bleed effect when the caster dies. The new effect also triggers if the champion’s ability damages the target after the caster dies. The mana cost has also been reduced to 30 from 40.

Rageblade’s mana cost has also been reduced. It is now 60 mana for all ranks. This change will make it much more affordable for new and experienced players. In addition, it will also decrease the overall cost of Mana for this class.

Dr. Mundo is now an AP-tank mid-laner/top-laner

The Dr. Mundo rework has brought a lot of changes to the character, but this new update will also keep the character’s old style and gameplay. As a full-tank, Dr. Mundo is a great choice if you are looking to protect your team. His self-healing and sustain skills allow him to outlast most opponents. The new passive also makes him unkillable.

In League of Legends patch 11.12, Dr. Mundo is an AP-tank mid-laning/top-laning champion. His new abilities make him more effective against a wide range of champions, and his damage output has been improved. The cooldown on his W is shorter than usual, and his CC is also much better than before. This change has made him a popular choice in the top lane.

As for the new champions, Corki is one of the most popular. With excellent poke damage and early game trading potential, he is great for any team in the game. Meanwhile, Dr. Mundo is a Tier 1 top champion, as well as a Tier 2 jungle champion. He can CS with Q and E and he has great sustain.

His E crit strike is now much stronger, with 240 damage. This new buff will help him clear waves and deal more damage. Also, his passive AP ratio is much stronger, making him a good choice in ARAM. However, the new buff will reduce his AD growth and slow his clearing speed.