League of Legends Patch 6.9 Patch Notes

Patch 6.9 brings some important changes to the League of Legends game, including changes to several heroes and classes. Let’s take a look at some of the most important changes. For example, the Rift Herald now has a ‘Rift Rage’ debuff instead of ‘Rag’. In addition, Baron Nashor’s ‘Devourer’ debuff now has an even stronger crowd control effect. Lastly, Traditional Truaf has been added to the game. The change is expected to go live later today, so be sure to check for it.

Changes to Rift Herald

The Rift Herald’s stats have changed considerably from previous versions of the champion. The UNIQUE Passive – Insight has been changed to UNIQUE Passive – Awe. Its stack rate now scales with champion level. It also grants 15% total ability power. Unlike previous versions, the Rift Herald now spawns at six minutes. In addition, the damage that it deals to enemies is reduced. The damage reduction and bonus damage make it harder to kill. The death timer has also been altered. Now, players can now die within twenty to thirty minutes, depending on their champion level. Furthermore, the damage reduction from Burn is now applied immediately instead of waiting a few seconds.

The Rift Herald’s buff is now more powerful. The Rift Herald now has a range of 10 meters and an increased attack speed. This makes it more dangerous to use in competitive matches and forces opponents to play more cautiously. In addition, the Rift Herald’s buff can last for 20 minutes, making it difficult for players to play safely. Despite the improvements, some players may still be concerned about the effect the Rift Herald has on their game play.

Changes to Dragon

In League of Legends 6.9, there are several changes coming to the Dragon. The current Dragon only provides five buffs and is used as a neutral objective. The new Elder Dragon will grant more buffs and is tougher to kill. It also grants a powerful burn-over-time buff. This buff is stronger for every dragon stack it has.

The base health of a dragon has decreased to 3300. It is also now vulnerable to MR and armor penetration. This means that if you’re using a turret, you’ll need to be extra careful when using it. In addition, if you’re summoning a dragon, make sure to consider how to position yourself.

The Dragon no longer spawns every six minutes. Instead, four different Elemental Dragons will spawn. The first one spawns in the middle of the game, while the rest spawn after six minutes. You can see which dragon spawns next by visiting the Patch Updates section.

Changes to Baron Nashor

In the 6.9 patch notes, Baron Nashor has a number of new features. In addition to a higher base health, he gains 0.375 health regen per second. He also has a new spell, AoE Slime, which now has an internal cooldown. In addition, his global experience has been lowered to 600 from 1000. Meanwhile, his base health has increased to 6500 (+125 per minute). His damage is reduced from 80% to 70 per hit. His damage meter now scales with player level and is no longer affected by the fog of war.

Baron Nashor’s abilities are now cyclical and he activates one every six basic attacks. The first ability will be random and his second will be a rear attack that deals 10% AD magic damage to all champions in front of him. This spell also applies Voracious Corrosion, which slows all units that are within the radius.

Changes to Anivia

One of the biggest changes to Anivia is the cancellation of her Ultimate. This means that her ult is no longer effective for stopping pushes, but she can still do plenty of damage. She also has some new outplay tools. Her passive Rebirth skill and Stopwatch give her some additional options in the laning phase.

The damage buffs are mostly centered on the damage. Damage from the damage ability has been increased by 20% and AP has been reduced by 10%. While damage has increased, she still has low mobility, which makes her very vulnerable to enemy heroes. A few other changes to her spells have come from the League of Legends 6.9 patch notes.

The new champion Taliyah will be available for purchase in the coming days. The changes to Anivia will also be in the form of skins and cosmetics. The new champion will be available for purchase soon after the patch is released.