League of Legends Patch 8.21 – Big Meta Changes Coming in Pre-Season

If you’re a League of Legends player, you’ll be happy to know that patch 8.21 is a low-impact one that gives you plenty of time to coast. However, before you get too excited, you should be aware that big meta changes will be coming in pre-season. This may disrupt your ladder climb.

Changes to the crit slow

In League of Legends patch 8.21, the crit slow has been changed in several ways. In addition to being reduced by three seconds, champions relying on lifesteal and healing have seen their numbers decrease as well. These changes will impact the power of sustain runes and potions. Champions with the crit ability will still benefit from the changes, however.

Changes to the crit slow have been introduced to balance the game. These changes will affect a number of heroes. The most notable changes will affect Draven, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, and Ivern. In addition to nerfing these champions, Riot Games has improved item balance and added new skins.

Changes to Zoe’s passive

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, you’ve probably noticed changes to Zoe’s passive. These changes have two main effects: they will make Zoe more powerful and decrease the cooldown of her E skill. The buff to her passive will also reduce the time it takes for her sleepy trouble bubble to re-occur, making it more forgiving than before.

One of the most important changes to Zoe’s passive is the way she can apply it. With her E ability, she can put her opponents to sleep. It is important to build your passive in the right way if you want to maximize the potential of your skills. You can start by focusing on AP and CDR, but you should also consider situational items.

Changes to Zac’s “Stretching Strikes”

With the recent changes to the Zac’s “Stretching Strides” ability, players will have more options when controlling the battlefield. Zac’s W and Q will now slow enemies for 40% less, and his W will now deal 2% of a target’s max health per 100 AP. In addition, Zac’s ultimate will no longer slow or capture enemies, but will instead bounce four times and deal 140/210/280 (+0.4 AP) to the target. In addition, players can now freely move during the duration of the ability, and their movement speed will increase by 50%.

As a tank, Zac has become known for punishing enemy mistakes. In particular, he often punishes mispositioned AD carries and supports. However, this ability would be hard to use if he could only deal damage to one target.

Changes to Ashe’s “Hawkshot”

In League of Legends patch 8.21, Ashe gets some quality-of-life changes to her passive Hawkshot ability. The new version slows enemies by 15% to 30% while casting it, which can be very helpful when in the solo queue. Hawkshot also now automatically pings enemies discovered on the map, saving valuable time. The changes have been made in an effort to make Ashe more viable in the solo queue. Currently, she has a 47% win rate when equipped with Platinum.

One of the most important changes to Ashe’s Hawkshot in League Of Legends patch 8.21 is that the damage it deals has been adjusted to be more consistent. Currently, it does not deal a lot of damage, but it can still gank enemies. Riot has also changed the duration of the ultimate shield to two seconds, a drastic decrease for the champion. One second is a very significant amount in the ADC meta, and this change can make or break a crucial play.

Changes to Sion’s “Second Skin”

A rework on Sion is in the works. The rework will include visual changes to the hero. Xelnath provided an update on the progress of the rework. Other P&Z players noted that there were changes to Skarner’s passive, and Baconhawk noted that Nami the River Spirit has been removed. In addition, the rework will have a greater emphasis on the “hardcore” versus “casual” aspects of the hero.