League of Legends Patch Notes 9.12 – Champion Updates

The latest patch notes for League of Legends (LoL) reveal several new changes to champions. Notable among these are the changes to Irelia’s Flawless Duet and Sylas’ passive. Additionally, Nocturne’s rank two ultimate has received a change.

Changes to Irelia’s Flawless Duet

One of the major changes to Irelia’s Flawless duet in League of Legends patch notes 9.12. The Flawless duet will have a longer cooldown, reducing Irelia’s speed and making it less effective when used on enemies. It’s possible that this change is just a temporary fix, but it will make Irelia less viable in solo lane situations. Regardless, the nerf will be noticed by most players.

Lilia’s effect now heals 18-120 HP over a long duration against champions and large monsters. However, Lilia is no longer able to heal more than one monster at a time. Lilia’s damage has also increased from 5% of max health to 6% + 1.5%/100 AP. This changes Lilia’s healing power, but it’s not final yet.

Irelia’s Flawless Duel has received several changes, including a reduced cost. In addition, the minimum cast range has been increased to 1000 units, while her maximum cast range is now three thousand units. The detonation radius against minions has been reduced from 200 units to 180 units. Additionally, she no longer provides +90 AP to minions during the detonation radius.

Changes to Sylas’ passive

In patch 9.12, Riot Games have made changes to Sylas’ passive. The passive now stores two charges instead of one. As a result, Sylas’ AoE damage is much less effective against minions, but her healing is improved. She has also seen a slight buff to her Kingslayer (W) ability. Changes to her passive also include a change in her ability, Abscond/Abduct (E), which has been nerfed and no longer grants a shield.

Other changes to Sylas’ passive in League of legends patch notes 9.12 include a reduction in the mana cost and a change to her E Shield base values. The E Shield now has a lower base value and has an explosion radius of 200.

Changes to Sylas’ passive were made in League of Legends patch notes 9.12. The changes were mostly cosmetic, but Sylas has received some hefty tweaks as well. The visuals and audio of the champions have been improved, and the hero has been given a new set of abilities. In addition, his abilities have been tweaked to fit his lore.

Changes to Karma’s Inner Flame [Q]

Karma’s Inner Flame has undergone a number of changes in this patch, including a 35% slower movement speed and a longer duration. This should make it easier for allies to connect skill shots. Additionally, Karma’s movement speed buff has been extended from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds.

The changes to Karma’s Inner Flame are aimed at helping her out on the team as a support. Previously, the damage from her Inner Flame was too high, so it was nerfed to help out scaling. However, with the buffs she’s received, Karma can now be considered as a mid-tier support.

The damage dealt by Karma’s inner flame is now based on the number of enemies hit, instead of on the number of units killed. Additionally, it will no longer spread Flux. Instead, it will store two charges, and it will do two damage over time.

Changes to Nocturne’s rank two ultimate

Nocturne’s rank two ultimate will change thanks to a new update. Its range has been increased to a maximum of 3000, and it will now deal more damage to targets affected by flux. The cooldown of the ultimate has also been lowered to 210/180/150. Overall, this update is beneficial for Nocturne.

Nocturne is no longer a heavy-metal mage, thanks to the changes to his ultimate. He now has a brand new kit that changes his class from a heavy-metal mage to a vengeful spirit. When he kills an enemy champion, he banishes himself to the Realm of Death. The new kit also gives him a chance to capture his opponent’s soul, adding it to his own. The changes have also given him a new set of abilities that help him deal AoE damage.

Nocturne’s rank two ultimate has received a few other adjustments to make it more useful. The bonus magic damage is now a flat 15 across 3 levels. Additionally, the cooldown of Deathbringer Stance is now more reasonable and scales with level.