League of Legends Patch Notes 9.9

The league of legends patch notes 9.9 contain a number of changes and additions for the game. There are several NERFS in this patch, including a Q and W combo nerf for Neeko and a reduction of Tahm Kench’s Abyssal Voyage. In addition, there are also a number of new VFX effects and visual effects for the game.


League of Legends patch notes 9.9 introduces a few new nerfs and buffs for the most problematic champions. Finally, Riot Games has listened to player feedback and addressed some of the most persistent problems with these champions. Tahm Kench and Aatrox both have received some significant changes. For example, Aatrox’s passive attack now heals you, its Q passive attack flattens the W slow, and its cooldown has been increased. Tahm Kench’s E heal trigger has been adjusted as well. Lastly, Takedowns now extend revive and movement speed, and they also grant more healing.

There are a couple of other NERFS to look out for, but let’s take a look at a few of the most notable ones. First, there’s Cabrakan. He’s a bigger version of Loki and has been able to fill multiple roles in recent months. As a result, he’s climbed to the top of the meta. However, his nerf to Manticore’s Spikes is not going to be good news. This will hurt Cabrakan’s power across the board. In addition, he will lose two damaging abilities, pressure and kill security.

VFX improvements

There are many improvements to the visual effects in League of Legends, including the addition of new hit effects and a more detailed range indicator. A new box placement effect makes it easier to distinguish a player’s position in the arena, and VFX improvements are also made to weapons and characters.

Many champions have undergone VFX updates in recent patches, including Twisted Fate. The update will make Twisted Fate’s visuals more consistent and up-to-date with other champions, including the new skins. The new VFX also aims to make her abilities more consistent with others, as well as to improve the player experience.

The new VFX improvements will also make her float over the rift like an elegant fairy. The character’s model still feels outdated, and her abilities don’t feel as rewarding as they should. However, Riot plans to remedy these issues in the next PBE cycle.

Tahm Kench’s Abyssal Voyage nerf

In League of Legends patch notes 9.9, Tahm Kench has been given a serious nerf to his Abyssal Voyage ability. While its range remains at 2500 units, its damage has been reduced to just 750 units. This means that players will have to fight more often to stay alive, and this means a lower win rate. Thankfully, the nerf has not been applied to live servers yet.

The nerf to Tahm Kench’s Abyssant Voyage primarily affects the ability to restore health. While it is still one of the strongest abilities in the game, the damage it deals has been decreased. The base armor of the ability is now 42. It costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of seven seconds. It also has a new name, Abyssal Dive, and a change in the health growth ratio.

Tahm Kench’s Abyessal Voyage’s health range has been nerfed. The spell’s range was changed from 4500/5500/6500 to 2500/5500/8500. The cooldown on Abyssal Voyage has also been increased to 140/130/180/225 seconds, which means that it will take longer to regenerate.

Neeko’s Q > W combo nerf

The nerf to Neeko’s Q > W combo is a big one, and it will affect the way you play the champion in the future. While the new ability is still useful for some, you need to use it wisely to maximize the impact. It is unclear why this change was made, and if it will be undone in future updates.

Neeko has received a nerf to his Q > W combo in League of Legends patch notes 9.9. His W attack has lost its passive damage, but he still has a good damage output. This nerf has affected the way he deals damage, but it also has a big impact on his ARAM. Neeko’s ARAM has increased from 67% to 82%, and he now has a chance of hitting a target with a high enough damage to win the game.

This nerf also affects Sylas’ healing ability, and if he uses his Q > W combo, the healing ratio is reduced from 0.45 to 0.45. It also affects his ability to empower heal, and his empowered heal has been reduced from 180% to 175%.