Kim Heechul is one of the most popular Korean players in the world of League of Legends. He is a skilled player who has been a part of the NCT Esports team since its inception. His high level of play has helped the team to gain a solid reputation in the world of competitive gaming. He is known for his dedication and perseverance. He has said that he stays up until 3am to play League.


Kim Heechul is the star of South Korean boy band Super Junior. He is a self-confessed LoL enthusiast and regularly plays in his spare time. He was introduced to the game by a younger colleague who urged him to check it out. He has been playing the game since spring 2012. Here, he shares his LoL journey and tells us about his favorite skin and champion.

Before joining the League of Legends, Heechul had been acting in TV dramas. His first leading role came in the 2005 drama Rainbow Romance. He later played supporting roles in many other dramas. He also acted in a radio show with Park Hee-von until mid-2006.

kim heechul

After completing the League of Legends tournament in 2012, Kim Heechul began performing regularly for the entertainment channel JTBC. He first appeared on Ssulzun, a variety show in Korean that translates to “War of Words.” He was released from the compulsory military enlistment at the end of 2013, and was subsequently involved in an accident after the tires on his car malfunctioned during his trip back to Seoul. He fractured his left leg in five places and needed ten hours of surgery. He also suffered a tear in his tongue.

Kim Heechul is a fan of the game as well as other competitive games and has even competed against SK Telecom T-1. On January 1 of 2014, he was featured on an episode of “Radio Star” alongside fellow gamer Lee Sang Hyeok (aka Faker). Kim Heechul admitted to spending a lot of money on mobile games but denied buying expensive watches. He said that he spends up to 40 million won per month on League of Legends.

Lee Sanghyeok

Kim Heechul is a well-known Korean gamer who plays with Lee Min Ho. They are very close to each other and even have a rivalry in the game. However, both have said that they are the best gamers in Kpop.

Heechul has been the subject of several scandals in the past. His recent arrest for promoting Korean beef has left his country and his team in disgrace. The disgraced star even met with the prime minister of Thailand and Thai tourism officials in 2009.

SK Telecom T1

In this League of Legends match between SK Telecom T1 and Kim Heachul, the South Korean player was playing his AD Carry character, Tristana. The other members of his team were SK T1 Coach Kim Jung Gyun, former professional Starcraft player Chun Jung Hee, and Kang Byung Ryul, an esports coach for SK T1. In the first match, Heechul’s team lost to SKT1, but in the second, the match was much closer. Heechul landed his first kill on SKT1’s Faker.

In the beginning of the game, the Pro team chose to forego Masteries and Runes. This decision put them in a serious disadvantage. Then, Heechul acted out of character to pretend to be angry at fans’ signs. He even went on the World analyst desk. The match continued after Heechul was done chatting with the fans.

Melrodi Melody (feat. kim heechul)

Kim Heechul and Park Yoona team up for the nostalgic MV teaser for ‘Old Movie’. The MV only lasts 30 seconds and features the two talking about food. The song is scheduled to be released on April 24.

Besides Kim Heechul, the video also features Kim Kyu Jong, SS501’s Kim Heechul and Double S 301’s Kim Kyu Jong, who plays emotional scenes. EVE is a popular band in Korea and uses a glam rock concept. Since its debut, the band has enjoyed success.

SKT’s loss to white in a tiebreaker

In league of legends, SKT’s loss to white in the tiebreaker was a significant setback to the team. The team had the opportunity to advance to the World Championship, but their loss to white was the result of an untimely error. While they were favored by a huge margin, the team was not able to capitalize on that advantage.

While SKT’s performance was not as bad as it was in the spring, the team was still a disappointment. In the Hot6iX Champions Summer, SKT entered the tournament with high expectations, but ended up performing exactly the same way as the spring season. After losing to Samsung White in the first round, SKT was forced to play a tiebreaker against the same opponents and were eliminated from the competition.