League of Legends Poppy Guide

A Poppy guide can help you with many aspects of the game. For example, you can learn what summoner spells to use, which Champion pairings to choose and where to obtain Rune shards. This will save you time and energy while playing the game. A Poppy guide will also show you how to level up your character and increase her stats.


If you want to build the most effective Poppy character in League of Legends, you’ll want to follow a few steps. First, make sure your Poppy is well-prepared. You should invest in the required gear and skills. You can find a guide to equip Poppy with essential items in the jungle. These items will give your Poppy bonus stats and increase your sustain when you’re destroying camps. You should also buy a mythic item that enhances your auto attack and burst potential. Another tip is to get a bruiser item to increase your survivability during skirmishes.

Poppy has an offensive playstyle, but it’s limited in the endgame due to its anti-carry role. However, it can help you take out enemies’ carry and increase your own health pool.

Champion pairings

When selecting champions, remember to consider their strengths and weaknesses. If you play a Poppy, you want to get the most bang for your buck. The Domination tree gives Poppy the best options for fast damage. It also provides burst, which makes her perfect for ganks.

Poppy is a flexible champion who can be played as a top, jungle, or support. Despite her versatility, the champion is not particularly popular and is therefore unlikely to be banned. In addition to her versatility, the champion has strong utility and CC, which makes it useful even from behind. Moreover, her Ult is versatile, giving you options to use it to knock up enemies or eject dangerous targets.

Sejuani: The Sejuani is similar to Poppy in terms of utility. However, her KDA ratio is higher, and she typically takes more damage than Poppy. While this may mean a better tanking ability, she also means less agility.

Rune shards

Poppy players can make use of two types of rune shards to improve their physical damage and basic attack. Usually, they should choose offensive runes and defense runes. Poppy plays in the jungle and is very versatile, so it is best to equip two offensive rune shards: flash and smite. The latter is useful in finishing jungle objectives.

This rune is particularly beneficial for ADCs and Supports. They can use this rune to deal extra damage against opponents with higher max health. It also grants a small bonus to their Movement Speed and CC. This rune is especially useful for champions that are strong against CCs, such as Pyke or Leona.