League of Legends Porcelain Skins

There are still a few weeks left before the launch of League of Legends’ Porcelain skins. While an exact release date is yet to be confirmed, the new skins are expected to hit live servers in the coming weeks. As for what to expect, there are plenty of possibilities. For starters, we can expect to see the porcelain skins on Amumu and Lissandra.


The upcoming patch 12.2 of League of Legends will include a new skin collection for champions – the Porcelain series. These skins feature ceramic-inspired champions adorned with blue and white patterns. If you’re wondering which champions will be getting new skins, you’ll be pleased to know that Ezreal and Lissandra will be appearing in this collection!

This set will include new skins for the League of Legends champions Amumu, Ezreal, Lux, and Lissandra. This skin collection will be available in the future for the upcoming Year of the Tiger. If you haven’t yet bought any League of Legends skins, now is a great time to purchase them. There are several benefits to purchasing them.

The Porcelain line features a unique color scheme, with an elegant blue, white, and gold color scheme. The Porcelain line is a collection of skins inspired by Chinese culture. The skins will also feature spiritual animals. The Porcelain Lissandra is expected to be released with the next patch 12.2, which will be released on January 21, 2022. The porcelain skins will be available in the League of Legends in-game item shop.

The latest patch for League of Legends also features new skins for Lux. Lux, for instance, will get an additional Prestige Edition version of the Porcelain skin. This will make Lux the first champion to receive two Prestiges in 2022. This also marks the second year that Prestige Points will be introduced to League of Legends.

Lissandra’s porcelain skin

Lissandra’s porcelain skin is the latest addition to the League of Legends cosmetic line. She joins other new skins, such as Ezreal, Kindred, and Lux. She’s a white and blue ice witch, and her appearance is reminiscent of a porcelain empress. She also has a snake totem and a blue and white aura. The new skin will be available soon in the next League of Legends patch.

The new porcelain skins in League of Legends have been released as part of the Lunar Revel event. These skins are inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, and come in blue and white colors. They have images of the Protectors, which protect the Zodiac relics. Lissandra plans to steal every last one of them. She’ll also look surprisingly calm in her Coven skin.

The new League of Legends skins are based on the Chinese culture and mythology. They come in a variety of colors, and the designs and patterns are inspired by the porcelain world. The porcelain universe is set in the modern world, and there are several mythical artifacts called Zodiac Relics. These relics contain a mysterious magical power that is guarded by Porcelain Protectors. However, these items become unstable during the Lunar Revel.

The Porcelain skin in the porcelain league of legends is made of two types: Lux and Prestige. The Lux version brings bunnies to the champion, while the Prestige version has a crescent moon base. The wand also features a spinning animation when the champion throws it in the air.