League of Legends Pro Diego “Quas” Ruiz

The long-time League of Legends pro, Diego “Quas” Ruiz, was suddenly suspended from his Team Liquid team last week. This abrupt move baffled fans and made many speculate as to what exactly happened. According to Ruiz, the reason for his sudden suspension has to do with anxiety and lifelong depression issues.

Diego “Quas” Ruiz

Diego “Quas” Ruiz is a Venezuelan League of Legends player who plays the top lane for Bay State College. He has previously played for Team Liquid, Team Curse, NRG Esports, and Tempo Storm.

Originally from Venezuela, Diego “Quas” Ruiz moved to the United States in search of a career in video games. He had no family in the US, and he was uncertain of how long his team would stay. But he thought the United States would offer a better life than back home.

In August 2015, Quas was suspended by Team Liquid due to “team event” allegations, and announced his retirement from competitive play the following week. However, he came back to the game and joined NRG Esports for a few months. Currently, Quas plays as a Twitch streamer. His latest move is to return to North America and compete with the NRG team.

His career

Diego “Quas” Ruiz is a former Team Liquid top laner looking to get back into competitive League of Legends play. He is currently being courted by teams like NRG Esports and Renegades. However, he is not yet sure where his future lies.

While the exact reasons for his departure from Team Liquid remain unclear, Quas has previously expressed that he has issues with depression and anxiety. This is one of the reasons why he quit the professional gaming scene. While his reasons for leaving the professional game scene were not completely clear, it appears that the decision was not a good fit for him.

While he worked hard to build his reputation in the professional scene, Quas realized that his future in League of Legends would depend on sponsorships. The game is now the most popular competitive video game in the world, and many companies have become big time sponsors in the game. Ruiz, who lives in Los Angeles, worked for at least 10 hours a day and practiced 60+ hours a week. He had been in contact with Team Liquid’s Los Angeles headquarters and had even auditioned for their 2016 League of Legends roster.

His esports team

Diego “Quas” Ruiz recently announced his retirement from the professional League of Legends scene, citing depression and anxiety problems as the reason for his sudden suspension. The decision has caused much speculation and controversy, with fans and players alike wondering why the former pro has decided to leave the competitive gaming scene.

Quas has been playing League of Legends professionally for two years. In his professional career, he had only played in the Challenger League and had to deal with high ping in Venezuela. In October 2013, he was signed by Team Curse, where he earned a reputation for his impeccable mechanics and wide champion pool.

Ruiz dropped out of college and focused on the game. He earned money boosting accounts and started coaching new players. From May to September 2013, he played for New World Eclipse. After a year, he moved on to Team Curse, which merged with Team Liquid ahead of the 2015 season. While there, he played for almost a year and a half before being suspended for his behavior.

His retirement from competitive play

Diego “Quas” Ruiz has announced his retirement from League of Legends competitive play, citing personal struggles. He is a former top laner for Team Liquid and had a two-year career in the game. He cited his struggles with anxiety and depression as the reason for his decision.

Quas’ retirement from competitive play is somewhat surprising, but not as surprising as some might assume. He’d been playing the jungler role for nearly a year, but didn’t look good in that role. If he were to leave the top laner position, it would be a shock, but the decision may be for the best.

The League of Legends player announced his retirement from competitive play on April 23, 2018. He plans to pursue a career in streaming or content creation. He was a member of the North America LCS analyst desk in Spring 2019. After leaving the LCS, Hai attended Michigan State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Technology. He was a leader on his campus’ League of Legends club.

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