League of Legends Promote

Promote increases the health, armor, and magic resist of the nearest allied siege minion. Its base cooldown is 180 seconds. The Improved version of Promote increases defensive bonus stats by 15%. Improved Promote is now usable at Summoner Level 8 and on Crystal Scar. It also deals a bonus of 15 damage to buildings.


The documentary, “The Origins of League of Legends,” tells the story of the game’s development and community. The film is directed by Academy Award nominee Leslie Iwerks, and follows the game’s early days from the perspective of its players, creators, and visionaries. It also documents the game’s emergence as a global esport.

The developers of League of Legends never intended to create a huge video game. They had limited resources and their ideas flew in the face of every gaming trend at the time. They opted to create a game that was deep instead of broad. This was an unusual choice, and few investors believed that players would appreciate such limited content and repetitive scenarios. Luckily, Riot Games were able to avoid this problem by using a free-to-play model.

New changes to the system

The League of Legends promote system has changed, thanks to new changes made by Riot. Many players complained about the existing system and how it treats them. They also complained that promotions were too frequent and the stakes were too high. Some players even suggested getting rid of the promos when you change tiers or divisions.

To remedy these issues, Riot is working to implement a harder reset and a longer tanking time for LP gains. This is because they want players to take some time to warm up to the new season and stay closer to their MMR. They are also planning to make changes to the decay time of champions in the Apex tier. The team feels that this decay rate is too fast, and wants to slow it down.

Boosting minions

One of the most important strategies in League of Legends is boosting your minions. By doing this, you’ll be able to take advantage of the different abilities that minions have. For example, you can use them to take down enemy champions or destroy their outer towers and pressure. They can also be used to secure 1v2 kills in the lane. Aside from the above benefits, boosting your minions will also help you roam the map and secure objectives without losing experience.

Boosting minions will also help you deal more damage to the enemy. If your minions have a higher level, they will deal 10% more damage to enemies. If they have a turret, you will get an additional 10% damage. This will greatly increase the amount of damage that your minions do to your enemy’s minions.

MMR boost

When a League of Legends player loses a game, their MMR will go down. However, a good winstreak won’t change that. It still means 50% of wins. In addition, if the player has demotion protection, he may find himself sitting one rank below his actual MMR.

In League of Legends, the MMR is used to determine your rank in the game. It works by placing you with players of a similar skill level. If you have a high MMR, you’ll be able to skip a division and jump straight to the next one. In addition to this, you’ll receive a decent amount of LP from your wins.


A glitch that allows players to win League of Legends promotional games without losing LP has been discovered. Riot is aware of the problem and is currently working to fix it. The glitch allows players to dodge more often and thus win promotion games faster. Dodging does not count as a loss in these games and can therefore be extremely useful in team disputes in champion select.

To get the most out of this promotion, players should avoid doing it in-between games. When they do it in-between games, they will be locked out of the game for 6 minutes. This penalty is proportional to the number of dodges they commit. The first dodge, however, only loses 3 LP.

Promo helper

League of Legends promo helper is a tool used by players to earn free wins. Promo series are timed. Once reached, players will start the series with a free win. Failure to reach a promotion series will count as a loss. Once a promotion is completed, players will receive another free win.

The League of Legends promo helper has a number of features, including a win/loss tracker. Using this tool can help you earn your desired rank faster and easily. It also allows you to start anew when your division changes.