League of Legends Qiyana Abilities

The League of Legends character Qiyana has a lot of different abilities. She can target an element and dash forward to collect its power. This can increase Qiyana’s out-of-combat movement speed and attack speed. She can also deal bonus physical damage and magic damage on basic attacks.

Qiyana is a princess from the jungle city of Ixaocan

Qiyana is a jungle princess with a ruthless streak. She plots a treacherous course to take the Yun Tal, the seat of power, despite being the last in line to her parents’ throne. She displays unprecedented mastery of elemental magic to battle her opponents.

Qiyana is the last in line to inherit her parents’ power, but she has an innate understanding of elemental magic that sets her apart from her sisters. She is also resentful of her parents’ efforts to groom her inferior siblings. Her parents neglected her, mainly due to her age. She also has nine sisters, and so she believes she deserves the throne.

She is an assassin champion

Whether you’re new to the game or an old pro, Qiyana has the ability to make her opponent’s life a living hell. The champion’s ultimate creates a windblast that knocks enemies backward. It also causes an explosion that deals physical damage and 10% of an enemy champion’s maximum health. This ability is powerful and can knock back an entire enemy team.

Qiyana is an AD assassin champion who controls the elements and augments her abilities based on them. Like other assassins, Qiyana has a high skill ceiling and is relatively easy to learn. While Qiyana’s kit is similar to Irelia, the two champions differ greatly in their skill sets.

She has five elemental abilities

One of Qiyana’s unique abilities is the ability to send shockwaves across the battlefield, which detonate elements and stun enemies. The shockwaves also deal damage to nearby enemies. It costs 40 or 60 mana to use. Qiyana’s first attack deals bonus damage to an enemy champ. Its cooldown resets whenever she draws a new element.

Qiyana’s basic attack deals physical damage to the enemy. The damage is based on the element used. She can also Terrashape into a different element. Then, her basic attacks deal bonus physical and magic damage.

She has a ranged weapon

Qiyana is a Support champion in League of Legends who has a variety of nature properties and a great ranged weapon. Her ultimate creates a wind blast that knocks her enemies backward and deals physical damage and 10 percent of the maximum health of an enemy champion. This ability is especially useful if she’s trying to knock back an entire team. Her ranged weapon, the Pyke, is also a great choice for counter-attacking, and her pull ability and dash can stun and mark enemy champions with missing health.

Qiyana’s ranged weapon has an elemental effect, which gives it extra damage, and she can enchant her weapon with an element. This enchantment allows her to do even more damage on enemies with low health. Another great feature of her ranged weapon is that it also gives her movement speed.

She has a stunning ability

Qiyana’s shockwave has a long range, and creates a shockwave that knocks back enemies. This ability also stuns enemies for 0.5 to one second. It costs a maximum of 60 mana to use. Qiyana hails from the mysterious nation of Ixtal. This nation was part of the great westward diaspora, and may have played a major role in the development of the first Ascended.

The Qiyana champion is a versatile carry and is capable of picking off immobile champions. Her mobility allows her to snowball her team to victory. Her ultimate is particularly terrifying, especially if used with an element combo. The attack sends a wave of ice after the target, and this can cause a massive amount of damage.

She has a gap closer

Qiyana has one of the most iconic abilities in League of Legends, a gap closer ability. It allows her to dash to an enemy and enchant their weapon, granting bonus attack speed, damage, and out-of-combat movement speed. This gap closer ability is particularly powerful in teamfights.

Qiyana’s gap closing ability is a welcome addition to her game. The new champion also provides decent crowd control, which makes her a solid jungler. Qiyana’s ultimate is quite interesting, as it allows her to make a variety of outplays. The main downside of Qiyana’s gap closer ability is her cooldown, which resets every time she changes elements.