League of Legends Quotes – Jinx

Jinx is the champion of League of Legends and a member of the Arcane faction. In the beginning, Jinx is known as Powder. This article will explore her stance on war and violence. This article also covers her character traits. In addition, you’ll find out what her favorite quote is.


Silco in Jinx is a character in League of Legends who loves her sister very much. This is evident by the way Jinx looks at her. The first time she meets Silco, she has her hand straddled under her chin, looking at her from above. Then, she uses medical equipment to torture Silco. Jinx tortures Silco because she lied to her about knowing her sister, but she is not willing to let Silco know. Jinx also has ghosts from the past that haunt her.

In Act 2 Episode 5 of the game, “Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy,” Silco lies to Jinx about the existence of Powder, and he convinces her that Silco is coming back to steal a precious gemstone. However, the two do not see eye to eye. Jinx’s love for Silco is complicated. In fact, he feels conflicted about which one is closest to him.


Ambessa is a Noxian warlord in the League of Legends game series. She is the daughter of a Noxian warlord named Ambessa Medarda. In the game, she portrays a conflicted character who was unable to reconcile her differences with her sister. She is conflicted because she loves her sister, but also because she feels betrayed by her sister.

The character’s character resembles that of a young girl. She grew up in a family that taught her to be wary. She grew up in a family that believed in diplomacy and feared violence, so she did not want to be forced into it. However, her grandmother and grandfather opposed the idea, and Mel did not agree with this. In one of the game’s quotes, she refers to war as a failure of statecraft.

Ambessa’s stance on violence

Ambessa’s stance toward violence is complex. As Mel reminded her, she was banished from her family due to her failure to live up to her standards. In addition, she couldn’t stand to look at her daughter when she had to make the necessary decisions. Her stance on violence has led her to judge others’ methods of ruling.

When asked about the situation in Piltover, Ambessa acknowledged that she had fanned the flames of war between Piltover and Zaun, and encouraged Mel to return to Noxus. However, she said that she is not willing to accept responsibility for her brother’s death.

Ambessa’s stance on war

Ambessa has an extremely strong and confident personality, which allows her to play a variety of roles in the game. She has no emotional weaknesses and has a penchant for aggression over passivity. Her upbringing in Noxian culture has honed her skills in the art of war, and she is very knowledgeable of military history. As a result, she has the ability to manipulate people and use violence to get her way.

When Ambessa was first introduced in Jinx, she was viewed as a war hero by many. However, she later shifted her stance to be more neutral in the game, and she has become a more logical character in the series. This change of stance has left fans wondering if she will ever return to the game’s original role.

Ambessa’s desire for a ruthless leader

Ambessa suddenly realizes that she has a lot of wedding preparations to take care of. You can tell that she is stressed by the fact that she will be unable to take care of herself without the help of her friends. Besides, she doesn’t have the experience to take on such a role, since she is not a seasoned warrior. However, she does not deserve to be vulnerable.

Powder, who is Vi’s sister, was the right-hand of Silco. She later became a Piltover enforcer.